The Division servers will go down for weekly maintenance as planned at 3am ET, but those hopeful update 1.2 might launch at the same time are out of luck.

It’s almost Thursday, which means that it is time for another 3-hour weekly maintenance window in Tom Clancy’s The Division. As usual, the maintenance will begin at 3am ET and will finish at approximately 6am ET.

While most had hoped that The Division’s maintenance would include some changes, as has been the case with past maintenance down times, Ubisoft confirms that there will be no client or server side updates made. It appears as if gamers will have to wait at least another week for the launch of update 1.2, which is said to buff loot rewards across the board.

Maintenance down times have become part of the process for Tom Clancy’s The Division, a necessary step for ensuring that the game is as free of online troubles as possible. That isn’t to say the game has been without issue; there have been some major problems with the game, on both the server and client side.

Hacking, glitches, character deletions, and connectivity problems are just a few of the online issues that players have reported, but most of those have been fixed. Unfortunately, if there’s anything out there that’s plaguing players currently, it will not be fixed this week.


But, although the maintenance down time will not feature any hot fixes, that doesn’t mean it is without import. As some know, the maintenance window runs alongside the State of the Game Twitch show, wherein the developers at Massive Entertainment detail the various goings-on in The Division. In fact, it was last week’s State of the Game where Massive revealed the plans to boost loot in all facets of the game, alongside launching a new Dark Zone bracket.

What the Massive devs might say during the State of the Game is anyone’s guess, but plenty will be tuning in to hear something positive. As a regular of the State of the Game show, let’s just say that the chat can turn negative very fast if there isn’t any talk about improving the game or potential fixes.

As far as when Division players can expect the release of update 1.2, one has to assume it will launch later this month. Massive is set to release the second endgame Incursion for The Division, and the previous one, Falcon Lost, included update 1.1. However, when exactly the next Incursion releases is anyone’s guess. May is all we know at this point, and that’s assuming there is no delay.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.