A group of dedicated The Division players put together a helpful loot table that breaks down all the reported drops from named bosses and there likely percentage to drop.

As most players have learned by now, Tom Clancy’s The Division is very different from the typical TC-branded game. While many of Clancy’s prior collaborations (before his tragic passing a few years back) have focused on realism, The Division is all about loot. Collecting loot, min-maxing loot, and now even sharing loot – if there is a great source of new gear out there, then chances are The Division players are looking for it.

Even so, there might be some players that are confused about what exactly each loot source can offer in The Division. Maybe they are even looking for a specific item and want to find the best area to farm it. In that case, one Division player has put together a helpful loot table running down the drop percentages for every named boss in The Division, and which gear drops are the most common.

Obviously, there is no clear path to a particular piece of loot, but there are better bosses for certain items than others. For example, many Division players learned that the Caduceus was a high-end drop for open world bosses after the Bullet King farming craze. Some players will even report that they keep getting the same items from one particular Dark Zone boss, suggesting that certain pieces of gear are weighted with different percentages in their loot tables. Check out the presumed percentages via The Division Boss Loot Table.

Division Loot Drop Table Dark Zone Bosses

Ultimately, obtaining The Division’s gear is still mostly an RNG-based affair, where players are left to cross their fingers and hope for an item they want. Moreover, players need to hope that the item will be of an adequate Gear Score or else it’s less valuable, doubly so if the stat rolls don’t fit the particular player’s build. The good news is that item trading was added to The Division with the most recent update, and now players can share their drops for a 2-hour window.

On top of that, the new Incursion, Falcon Lost, has become the go-to source for the best gear in the entire game. Once per week players can earn a high gear score item (the actual gear score depends on the difficulty level of the Incursion) that’s part of the new Gear Sets in The Division. The only problem is these items have become so sought after that players have resorted to glitches and exploits in order to get through the Incursion with less resistance.

But, with this handy loot table list, perhaps more players will take to the Dark Zone and grind specific bosses in the hopes of getting their desired loot drop. Many of our Game Rant writers have their eyes on specific items, and we’re sure you do too.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.