Division Loadouts Update Goes Live Today

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The latest patch for Tom Clancy’s The Division launches today with a plethora of changes and additions, including the highly anticipated Loadouts feature. The Division's latest patch is the start of many more major changes scheduled for the game in the coming months.

While The Division’s 1.6.1 patch notes are extensive, it’s the addition of Loadouts that gamers are most excited about. In fact, it’s a feature that’s been requested and discussed since the game was first launched last spring. Finally, gamers will get a chance to create up to six Loadouts for each character that allows them to save their equipped weapons, gear, skills, and talents, and quickly switch between set Loadouts as desired.

Many PC gamers were able to try out the the feature during the recent PTS, which allowed players to test the newest patch before it launched globally on all platforms. Based on feedback from the PTS, it’s possible the final Loadouts feature available today is slightly different to what gamers experienced during the PTS.

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In order to make Loadouts viable, while also giving gamers a chance to continue picking up new gear and weapons as they play through the game, Massive also introduced an increase to backpack carrying capacity in The Division. Gamers can now carry up to 120 items at once. Considering the fact that a full set of six saved Loadouts could potentially fill nearly half that inventory space, the introduction of bigger backpack capacity is a welcome one.

Those who have been following The Division over the last few months will know that Loadouts are just one of the many big additions and changes coming to the game over the course of the next year. At the one-year anniversary of The Division’s launch, Massive laid out its Year 2 plans, which include two large free expansions, plus regular fixes and updates throughout the year.

The 1.6.1 patch is one of the regular patches, and is meant to mostly fix and balance the game in preparation for 1.7, the first major free expansion coming to The Division this year. There’s still not much known about 1.7 beyond a few teases of seasons and greater challenges, but now that 1.6.1 is live, chances are good that gamers will start to receive more information soon about the 1.7 update.


Additionally, Massive is planning to conduct its third Elite Task Force (ETF) event, dubbed ETF Charlie, which will be taking place in the near future. As revealed by Massive, the 12 gamers who attend the event will get a chance to experience patch 1.7 and provide feedback, as well as brainstorm and offer suggestions and ideas for patch 1.8, which is scheduled to arrive later this year as the second free DLC for Year 2.

Aside from the introduction of Loadouts for all platforms, today’s 1.6.1 patch makes updates to gameplay, items, weapons, gear, talents, skills, the Dark Zone, missions, Incursions, the Underground, Survival, Last Stand, and the game’s open world. For a full list of the changes available with the massive 1.6.1 patch, check out the official Patch Notes on The Division website.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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