Ubisoft’s The Division isn’t even a full twenty-four hours into its release yet, but one player has already managed to reach the game’s level cap in record time.

Reddit user nikulasu posted on the /r/thedivision sub-reddit that they had just hit the maximum level in The Division in approximately fifteen hours of playtime, and appears to be the player who reached level 30 the fastest upon the game’s release, at least for now. The Division only released today, which makes nikulasu’s feat all the more impressive, as there aren’t many guides available that help gamers maximize their efficiency while leveling their Agents. Luckily for other players who haven’t had a chance to experience The Division yet and for those unconvinced by the game’s pre-release hype, nikulasu didn’t just type up a quick post to brag about their achievement.

Instead, nikulasu took the time to outline their experience with the game and how the The Division‘s leveling system and early end-game holds up upon actually playing with it. According to nikulasu, leveling an Agent quickly requires gamers to play nearly every mission on hard mode, with nikulasu conceding that they were forced to play The Division‘s final three missions on normal. nikulasu also suggested playing with a friend, as they found success leveling with someone else up until level 24.

For those more interested in hearing about how The Division holds up as a whole experience, nikulasu stated “everything from the leveling to the different areas, scenery, combat…[has] been so incredibly fun”. While it’s safe to assume that nikulasu likely missed out on some of the game’s slower side missions and exploring the incredibly detailed digital rendition of New York that Ubisoft has produced, the fact that what they did see has left such a strong impression on them is an encouraging early response to a game that has a lot of expectations to live up to.

Of course, nikulasu’s achievement might have been bolstered by the fact that PC players started the race to level 30 with a slight handicap. Reports surfaced earlier today that The Division‘s servers were down on launch day for PC players only, an issue that has since been fixed but left some gamers on the outside of the hype looking in.

the division level 30 reached screenshot

There are even some issues with The Division that Ubisoft can’t fix simply by repairing its servers. Reports are also coming in from early gameplay that some The Division players are griefing others by blocking doorways, which has resulted in some of the playerbase being unable to finish missions or access the saferooms in the Dark Zone. Players have been able to use the The Division‘s physics engine to eventually move these players out of the way, but we get the feeling that if players had begun griefing each other earlier, nikulasu might not have been able to hit the level cap at such an impressive pace.

How has The Division‘s launch day been for you? Are you anywhere near level 30 yet? Let us know in the comments.

The Division is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: reddit