A new gameplay video feature from IGN shows a late game mission from Tom Clancy’s The Division that features level 25 enemies and a variety of tactics on display.

Any gamer will tell you that a MMO-like experience is only as good as its end game. If a title can keep players interested long after they’ve finished the basic missions, then it has less of a chance to succeed. Tom Clancy’s The Division hopes to keep players invested in its experience by using increased difficulty modifiers, as well as some potential raid-like events.

As part of IGN’s ‘IGN First’ preview event for this month, the publication is offering gamers a closer look at The Division than ever before. It also happens to be timed perfectly with the game’s open beta, which is set to end this weekend.

However, so far preview coverage for Tom Clancy’s The Division has been focused on the early parts of the post-viral outbreak shooter. We’ve seen how the various members of the titular agency will come together, how players will be able to spec their Division agents out with a variety of skills, and we’ve watched a few trailers focused on the game’s story. That’s all to say, not much attention has been given to the late game content…until now.

Thanks to a spiffy video player over at IGN, players can see one of the late game missions, the Hudson Refugee Camp, play out at level 25. Using the player, viewers can switch between several views to see how different Division agent templates (Marksman, Close Quarters, Support) can be used in battle.

The Division Artwork

Now, under normal circumstances players will approach this mission at a lower level, but this particular instance is the ‘Hard’ variant. As with many repeatable mission experiences, The Division offers players the opportunity to replay any mission at a higher difficulty both to grind for better loot and gain extra experience.

As most would expect, the key difference in the late game missions is higher difficulty enemies – in this case they are all level 25. To compensate, all of the Division agents are equally buffed out, delivering massive damage to their AI combatants. While most of the open beta participants will be used to seeing several hundred hit points of damage fly off their enemies, these level 25 players are doing upwards of 5,000 damage with their weapons.

And that’s the name of the game with The Division – the secret sauce that Ubisoft hopes will keep players engaged. Players will continue to engage with the content to acquire more loot and in turn do more damage to enemies. It’s a gameplay loop that has worked for numerous games in the past – many will point to Destiny as the most recent example – and it’s likely to hook plenty of Division players as well.

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN