The Division‘s third expansion, titled Last Stand, along with the accompanying Update 1.6 have been dated for February 28th. The news came in the latest of The Division‘s “State of the Game” live streams.

Last Stand and Update 1.6 will hit all platforms simultaneously, according to The Division‘s developer, Massive Entertainment. Regularly scheduled weekly maintenance will take place from 12:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. Pacific prior to the release, which will usher in the expansion and its update. This expansion marks the end of the exclusivity deal Xbox had with The Division, where all expansions released early on Xbox One.

Full patch notes will be released on Monday, February 27th, although Massive Entertainment says there won’t be many changes from the version of Update 1.6 currently active on the public test server (PTS) known as PTS4, a continued iteration of the original Update 1.6 that hit the PTR about a month ago.

A few features of the final Update 1.6 not currently live on the PTS but that will be detailed in the patch notes include improved server performance. Plus, the PS4 version of the game is getting some special attention with Massive promising improved performance on the console including higher resolution and better upscaling.

division last stand

Massive will also be hosting a 24-hour live stream to welcome in the new Last Stand expansion when it launches on the 28th. During the stream, some of the game’s developers will play Last Stand with other players and those who match up against or with them will get a special reward. In addition to showing off the new expansion, the stream will be set up as a charity stream to benefit the MS International Federation.

As a refresher, Last Stand is a new objective-based PvP game mode where players must work together in a team of eight to capture three points around a small map within the Dark Zone, and hold those points from the enemy team. In PTS4, Massive normalized the gear specifically in the Last Stand PvP mode to make it a more level playing field between players. Those changes won’t apply to the rest of the game, so the regular Dark Zone area will continue to function as it has.

However, another change to lengthen the time to kill will be reflected in both Last Stand and the Dark Zone, with the hopes that it will give players more time to react to enemy players and fight back. Other notable changes include a buff to the Historian exotic and SMGs regaining their Critical Hit Chance feature.

The Division is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.