Ubisoft reveals a new infographic for The Division, detailing how many enemies have been killed, and other stats from the massively popular game’s first month.

In terms of sales, Ubisoft’s MMO The Division has had massive success. Across both digital and physical retail platforms, gamers eager for a connected shooting title have been buying the game in droves, with the title even beating the Ubisoft one-day sales record, which was previously held by the Assassin’s Creed franchise. But, despite all of these copies being shifted, how are players really playing The Division? And what exactly are players getting up to in the virtual streets of New York City?

According to a new infographic detailing the stats from The Division’s first month, players have spent their time in the game killing an awful lot of enemies. A whopping 17,258,683,433 enemies have been killed, with that number likely to increase as even more players get involved in the fight to save the Big Apple. Moreover, Ubisoft says that 150 million jumping jacks have been performed (the emote is often used by players as a way of saying “I mean you no harm”), 250 million civilians have been helped, the top equipped jacket is the Simple Cargo Jacket, while the Training Hoodie is The Division players’ most popular choice of shirt.

The Division infographic first month

The infographic also states that the most popular primary weapon is the Classic AK-47. While the assault rifle is an incredibly popular choice for lower level players and higher level players alike, higher level players may find themselves using a different gun following the loot changes in The Division Update 1.1, as high-end drops will be guaranteed if the player kills a named NPC of level 30 or above.

Ubisoft also reveals that 57.2% of The Division players play the game solo in comparison to 42.8% who play co-op. Given that the game has been marketed as one that can be played with friends, this way come as somewhat of a surprise. Despite this, there may be a change to the solo/co-op play stats in the very near future.

Later this week, The Division’s first Incursion mission Falcon Lost will become available. The mission, which takes place in a dilapidated factory, is reportedly so difficult that the teams of developers playing it had an incredibly tough time beating it, with none of the teams having completed the mission since they patched a known exploit. Falcon Lost will offer new gear though, so players may need to team up and play the game cooperatively in order to gain it.

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft