One Tom Clancy’s The Division player tackles the seemingly impossible, beating the endgame Incursion on ‘Challenging’ difficulty without any teammates.

These days gamers are not satisfied with the advertised retail experience of a game. They want challenge and they want replayability – even if it means creating it themselves. Nowhere is that more present than in the challenge run community.

While there are numerous challenge runs in Tom Clancy’s The Division, there are still some unconquered within Ubisoft’s latest game. However, one of the more difficult challenges now has to be crossed of the list, as one Division player has finally beat the Incursion on Challenging solo.

Said player, who uses the screen name Matte96 on Reddit, shared his accomplishment on both YouTube and the Division subreddit. Needless to say, his feat is impressive, even more so considering how difficult the Challenging Incursion can be for a group of four players.

Overall, Matte96’s strategy is quite sound, but there is plenty of room from error. He opts for the Pulse with the damage buff and the healing Smart Cover as his two abilities, ensuring that any rushing enemies can be easily dealt with. His gear also aligns with the current “metas” in Division, both in terms of top tier weapons and gear.

For weapons, Matte96 goes with the AUG as his primary, easily one of the strongest automatic weapons in the game, and an M1A for his secondary. Admittedly, neither his AUG nor his M1A are “god rolls” in terms of talents, but they each have at least one extremely helpful one.

Those two weapons combined with the Reckless chest piece, a 4-piece set of Sentry’s Call gear, and gloves with the ‘Savage’ talent make for a DPS monster, capable of dealing out massive damage to any rushing enemies. As we have mentioned in a previous post, the Sentry’s Call gear set is slightly broken, but only in PVP. Here, Matte96 is using the gear for the extra headshot damage with the very accurate M1A.

Even with the right gear, tackling a 15 waves of level 34 enemies is no small task, and this Division player should be commended for succeeding. We can’t verify if he’s the first, but seeing the APC fall to one man is impressive nonetheless.

At the same time, we can’t help but see the irony in the fact that Matte96 beats the most challenging endgame experience in The Division and only gets a 214 gear set item and an Advanced Performance Mod. It’s for that very reason that Massive Entertainment is overhauling the loot system in The Division, making it so every element is more rewarding, and feels worth the effort. Regardless, we commend Matte96’s effort and welcome the hundreds of solo runs that are sure to follow.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit