Life can be hard for lone wolf-types in The Division. Here’s Game Rant’s guide on how to make things a bit easier for solo players attempting the Hard Mode Incursion.

The Division‘s Falcon Lost Incursion has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. Unfortunately, that negative press has taken away from the fact that it can still be a challenging and entertaining multiplayer experience when players don’t choose to abuse the many exploits that have been discovered since the gameplay mode’s debut. While the debate surrounding whether Ubisoft should punish The Division players who have abused these exploits rages on, however, some talented Agents have become quite good at running through the Falcon Lost Incursion, which represents The Division‘s end-game PvE content thus far.

In fact, some players have become so good at the Falcon Lost Incursion that they can run the mission, designed for teams of players, completely alone while on Hard Mode – without exploiting any of The Division‘s glitches, either. For those interested in achieving a similar feat of strength in The Division‘s gaming community, Game Rant has compiled a list of expert tips to help guide players in the right direction, most of which can be found in this video, compiled by redditor Engineer_Chris.

Beating the Falcon Lost Incursion requires a lot of careful, smart gameplay. Gamers can completely skip the first tunnel section of the Incursion by using a survival link while running past the number of shotguns and drones that block the way, while those who have run the Incursion a few times before attempting it solo can pay attention to the game’s audio to decide when to leave or find cover. A lot of these skills overlap with the ones required to farm The Division‘s high end weapons, but there are some other hints that are specific to the Falcon Lost Incursion itself.

Handling turrets during a solo Hard Mode run, for instance, is much different than what the way a team would approach taking one down. Understanding that the game’s mechanics prioritize shooting support stations or player’s turrets is key in establishing a clear path to planting the bomb on the level’s APC without drawing too much fire. According to at least one player who has completed a The Division Hard Mode run solo, Wave 8 is likely the most difficult aspect of the entire run, and thus players should be very careful to have both Survivor Link and Pulse available prior to its start.

Of course, these tips and the video above only really help players who have experience with The Division‘s Incursion already. For those who have yet to make the leap, Game Rant’s The Division Falcon Lost Incursion Guide makes for a useful introduction to the mechanics that are so crucial during a solo run.

Have you attempted the Falcon Lost Incursion solo yet? Does this short guide make you more likely to do so in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: reddit