Ubisoft’s The Division has experienced a lot of glitches lately, and that trend continues as a player discovers a new exploit for the title’s current end-game content.

It hasn’t been the smoothest week for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Following the release of the 1.1 Update Patch, Ubisoft’s support team became inundated with hundreds of player complaints, ranging from reports of minor bugs to the very serious news that The Division players’ Agents were being deleted after the update. For a patch that was supposed to introduce some end-game content in the form of the new Incursion multiplayer raids, the update has instead crippled the game’s ability to deliver the fundamental player experience it promised during its initial release.

First, an exploit was discovered that allowed players to bypass the hardest portion of the new Falcon Lost Incursion, which made the end-game raid laughably easy. After the Falcon Lost Incursion exploit was hotfixed, however, Agents believed that Ubisoft had finally gotten on top of the issue and made the multiplayer experience a challenge once more. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as YouTuber named DaryusP unveiled a revised version of The Division‘s now infamous exploit that still works in Falcon Lost even after the hotfix.

The video, shown above, still uses the Mobile Cover glitch that has played a role in most of The Division‘s gameplay mechanic workarounds to date. The new glitch simply takes a little longer to complete, but is completely safe, so Agents with the patience to maneuver the sensitivity of the Mobile Cover glitch in this area will be able to fire on the APC target through walls. Of course, that manuevering might not even be necessary – despite being a multiplayer raid, some players have already managed to beat the Falcon Lost Incursion on hard mode by themselves, without using any exploits.

Although it can be easy to poke fun at a game for having struggled so greatly with exploits and glitches, Ubisoft is taking the way players use these bugs very seriously. Ubisoft hinted that The Division players could face punishment for using the Falcon Lost exploit, which sparked a debate amongst gamers that has seen much of the blame redirected to Ubisoft and Massive for releasing a patch with this many issues in the first place. The problem has gotten so out of hand that Ubisoft has had to publicly promise to compensate its players for The Division‘s recent glitches, a move that is obviously being made in an attempt to appease the many gamers who have been vocal about the game’s issues.

Regardless, the news that the Falcon Lost Incursion has another bug that allows players to circumvent what is supposed to be the mission’s most difficult challenge is bad news for Ubisoft and fans of the The Division alike. It points to a much larger problem within the game that simple patches might not be able to fix, and it’s easy to imagine fans losing patience if issues continue to arise at the pace they have been lately.

How do you feel about another exploit for Falcon Lost being discovered just days after the hotfix for the first one? Do you think Ubisoft should just leave the glitches in the multiplayer alone and let patient gamers abuse this one? Let us know in the comments below.

The Division is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube