Ubisoft Massive states that a patch set for April 21st will fix all exploits from The Division‘s Falcon Lost incursion, supposedly ending the exploit drama once and for all.

Ever since the news broke that The Division would be getting its own form of raids (called incursions), gamers around the world went wild as information about the game’s first incursion, Falcon Lost, finally started to trickle out. As seems to the norm for The Division, however, the feature introduced several glitches into the mix when it finally released, and many players exploited these developmental short-sights to make the mission much easier than it was intended to be.

This resulted in players netting top-of-the-line gear en masse, which they could then use to wreak havoc in the Dark Zone. Although Ubisoft patched the main exploit a few days after it became common knowledge, the metaphorical band-aid only gave cause for players to uncover an alternative mobile cover-related glitch a few days later, which meant Ubisoft Massive has to issue yet another hotfix for the game’s first incursion.

the division falcon lost incursion

Instead of applying a simple hotfix, however, the studio is now poised to take more drastic measures: tomorrow’s patch will end all possible gun-based exploits aimed at the APC that is the subject of all this Incursion drama, because guns will no longer damage the vehicle itself once the update is applied. Instead, gamers will have to get up close and personal by using C4, thus eliminating chances that players can damage the APC by using distance attacks from any spot they happen reach by exploiting the mobile cover glitch.

As posted by Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai, tomorrow’s update will also make it so that players who enter the spawn closet from the first glitch will be instantly killed, which seems like a pretty clear message from the studio: the time of exploits is over.

Of course, tomorrow’s end-all approach means the studio will avoid having to manually fix a third Falcon Lost-related exploit discovered earlier today, which allows gamers to two-shot the APC by taking advantage of the Competent talent.

Many gamers aren’t too happy about the abundance of glitch-related drama that has persisted ever since The Division launched a month and a half ago, and the studio is now planning on compensating users who were affected by both the inventory glitch and the deleted agent glitch. For those who took advantage of the latest incursion exploits, however, the studio is planning on punishing gamers who violated the code of conduct that came with the game. The terms are a 3-day ban for first-time rule breakers, and a permanent ban for everyone else.

For a publisher still trying to let the masses forget about other bug-riddled launches of the past, the drama likely couldn’t be over soon enough for Ubisoft. What do you think about all the glitch-related drama with The Division, Ranters?

Source: Ubisoft