Evidence found from a Reddit user indicates Clear Sky, the newest incursion introduced in Update 1.2, may have originally been cut from The Division prior to release.

The Conflict update, also known as update 1.2, is now available for Tom Clancy The Division players, and brings with it a host of changes to the game world. New gear sets, high value targets, and updates to the Dark Zone are highlights, but for many, a chance to tackle the next difficult incursion mission called Clear Sky holds the most appeal. One user on Reddit managed to finish the incursion and noticed that a specific cut scene that players may hint at it being originally cut prior to launch.

Please note that spoilers for The Division follow.

After completing the Clear Sky mission, a cut scene plays back at the Base of Operations, showing Agent Faye Lau speaking to the player about next steps. Interestingly enough, Lau mentions that the next thing that needs to happen is for the player to storm the UN where the LMB faction is held up and deal with Bliss once and for all.

the division faye lau clear sky

The odd part about this scene is that Faye Lau is talking about Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss, the leader of the Last Man Battalion faction, and the last boss in the main story mission known as General Assembly. At this point in time, most, if not all players, would have finished the story (and hence Bliss as well), so this line doesn’t make any sense. Speculation is starting to indicate that this mission was originally within the main campaign, but was cut at some point during development.

While it does appear that this incursion was indeed cut from the main story based on that cut scene, it’s worth remembering that update 1.2 is free for all players, so in the end, the content was essentially placed back into the game. With that said, it is a bit interesting that the cut scene wasn’t altered with the extra two months time, in order to have it better fit within the context of the game at this point considering it no longer aligns with the main story.

In fairness, it could easily have been a case where the content was planned for the main game but ultimately was not ready to go live for the March launch date. After a smooth and successful launch, the game fell victim to a number of glitches, bugs, and exploits, which Massive Entertainment has been working to fix. With such a big and important piece of content for the end game like these incursion missions, Massive may have needed more time to tweak and improve the experience, hence why the mission was cut completely until now.

How do you feel about Ubisoft having potentially cut this mission from the game?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Reddit