The Division players who are logging on to check out the new Clear Sky Incursion have discovered that the latest endgame experience is extremely short.

With the launch of Update 1.2, Division developer Massive Entertainment is hoping to jumpstart its community. The introduction of new content, a better loot system, and new gear to collect are sure to all help with drawing players back in, but it is likely the launch of the new Incursion, titled Clear Sky, that has most people excited.

Some Division players even stayed up (or woke up early) to give Clear Sky a shot, hoping to see whether it is easier or harder than the first Incursion, Falcon Lost. Unfortunately, what those players found is that Clear Sky is not only easier than Falcon Lost; it may actually be too easy.

As promised, Clear Sky is structured more like a traditional Division mission, in that players advance through a specific area, completing objectives along the way. If nothing else, it’s a stark departure from Falcon Lost, which locked players into a small area and tasked them with surviving 15 waves of enemies.

However, it appears that Clear Sky is not just structured like a story mission; it may actually be a story mission cut from the main Division game. But even more surprising is how short the Incursion is and how little there is to do while completing it.

In total, it could take a skilled Division team less than 10 minutes to complete the entire Clear Sky Incursion, from beginning to end. When Update 1.2 went live many Twitch streamers rushed to Columbus Circle to take on the Incursion, and most were done in less than a dozen minutes. Needless to say there were a lot of people saying, “That’s it?” by the end.

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The good news is that the Clear Sky Incursion has now become the ideal farming spot for high end Division gear. With the new gear sets added in Update 1.2, players are likely going to be working harder to customize their builds, and Clear Sky’s quick completion time makes that even easier.

On the flip side, there are those players who are going to be disappointed to see that the Incursion isn’t as involved as they hoped. Prior to the launch of The Division there was an assumption that the RPG shooter would feature raid-like endgame experiences, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. That being said, these first two Incursions have been free to all Division players, whereas the next pieces of DLC will come at a premium. So perhaps the pricey stuff will be more substantial.

Have you completed the new Clear Sky Incursion in The Division? Do you think it is too easy?

Division Update 1.2 is now live for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.