Game director Petter Mannerfelt shows off brand new high level gameplay against the Rikers enemy faction in the upcoming third person shooter, The Division.

After wrapping up two very well received beta sessions in the past month, fans are eagerly anticipating The Division’s final launch in early March. While the recent open beta gave fans a taste of the early action in game including the first couple of missions and the low level Dark Zone areas, many players have been curious to hear more about the end game and how The Division plans to keep users hooked once the campaign credits roll.

While Ubisoft remains secretive about their end game content plans for now, game director Petter Mannerfelt shows off some high level play in a recent video pitting his level 27 agent against members of the Rikers faction in the Lexington Event Center mission. To make up for the fact that he is a much higher level than the mission, Mannerfelt set the security based mission on hard, which promises to reward players with more experience and offer greater rewards as well.

A number of skills are also shown in the video, including a modded seeker mine that splits apart allowing it to track and damage multiple enemies at once. A signature skill called Tactical Link is also equipped, granting a major boost to damage and critical hit chance.

This powerful ability is on a lengthy cool down timer which players can reduce by killing enemies in a similar way to Destiny. Mannerfelt also gives gamers a great look at some of his heavily modded gear, which falls mainly in the superior tier of loot, represented by the color purple.

Marketing efforts have picked up significantly for The Division with its long awaited launch now just a couple weeks away. Much of that effort has been focused on the graphics and frame rate, especially on the PC platform. While the end result doesn’t quite hit those highs from the E3 2013 reveal video, what Ubisoft has put together in this new trailer is still visually impressive hitting not only 60 frames per second, but adding in many little visual details that many games these days just don’t have.

The combat is also very fluid and smooth with the improved frame rate as well, presenting a tough choice for gamers who have both a powerful PC and home console. In the end, it may be the additional content for Xbox One that sways gamers towards Microsoft’s console, but the buzz surrounding all platforms is sure to guarantee no community is hurting for members

If you were you able to participate in the open beta, what did you think of the game? Are you looking forward to picking the game up or are you still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 8, 2016.

Source: IGN