The Division has so many hackers running around the Dark Zone that even the hackers are now complaining about the amount of hackers they run into. Yes, really.

It seems everything has gone full circle in The Division, which has reached the point where even the players who use hacks within the game are now complaining about the abundance of hacks other players are using. Makes sense, right?

The recent rise of complaints in the hacking community for The Division – which is completely a thing – stemmed from an aimbot script getting a widespread release, allowing many gamers to easily access the hack. Suddenly, other hackers who previously held a large advantage in terms of assisted aim and RPM hacks now found themselves on a level playing field, since the Dark Zones became densely populated with agents using a variety of client-side hacks.

All of these issues stem from the fact that The Division stores player statistics on the client side of the game rather than the server side, which makes it exceedingly easy for hackers to manipulate data. Gamers voiced concerns about the client-side issue prior to the launch of the game, and it was something Ubisoft Massive promised to address before the game launched. Unfortunately, these fixes have yet to come.

Here’s some of the complaints from hackers on a closed message board:

The Division Hackers Complain

That isn’t to say Ubisoft has ignored the issue, however, as the studio came out today to issue its official stance on hackers and exploiters. The studio has now put new cheat detection methods into practice, which operate on a two-strike system: gamers caught for the first time will get an automatic 14-day ban, and those caught cheating a second time will receive a permanent ban, blocking them from online play within The Division forever.

Secondary to the recent hacking drama is the exploit abuse issue, which has stemmed form the numerous bugs and glitches that were discovered after the April 12th update and the launch game’s first Incursion, Falcon Lost. It took gamers a mere number of hours to find an exploit that allowed the normally-challenging mission to be easily beat, and once Ubisoft fixed that they become involved in a game of perpetual whack-a-mole as more gamer-aiding glitches became uncovered. Eventually, the studio changed the way the entire mission worked to stop the exploits, but not before saying that it would punish those who took advantage of Ubisoft’s scripting.

The Division is a game that broke many sales records upon its release, but the game now finds itself in jeopardy of becoming overwhelmed with glitches, exploits, and hackers. When it gets to the point where hackers are complaining that they can’t play the game because there are too many of themselves, something has to be fixed – we can only hope Ubisoft Massive cleans up the streets of New York soon, so that it returns to being accessible to everyone.

What do you think about all the drama regarding The Division, Ranters?

Source: Reddit