Spring is here, and even The Division can’t stop players from thinking about some Spring Cleaning ideas. Today, word has spread about a great idea on how The Division agents can maximize their storage space, which is intended to have a very finite amount of carrying power. Ubisoft’s record-smashing title certainly has no shortage of weapons to collect in the game, so the question isn’t if gamers want to grab all that they can – it’s how.

If there’s one thing the protagonists from most games these days suffer from, it’s the fact that they often have to carry around a ludicrous amount of weapons. Agents in The Division are no different, but now fans have come to realize that there’s a surefire way to allow the strong-backed warriors to carry even more: equip unused mods to unused weapons. Each unused modification uses a full inventory slot, but when it gets attached to a weapon this inventory slot is cleared up. The logic may not be sound, but it effectively means agents can carry around a lot more than the intended amount of loot.

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Aside of saving some immediate backpack space, the idea of adding modifications to weapons to save space also comes as a kind of weapon insurance: many gamers want some weapons to be ‘locked’, so they won’t accidentally be scrapped or sold with a single click. When a weapon has modifications attached to it, players get an extra warning prompt if they go to scrap the item – meaning not only does this idea save space, but it also helps make sure gamers don’t throw away weapons they don’t mean to. Win-win!

A Redditor named Taux revealed that this tip has saved him about 25 backpack slots and 20 stash slots, which frees up quite a lot of room to farm some more high-end weaponry. These weapons are the heavy-hitters of The Division, and another Redditor has helpfully created some tips for the high-end weapon crafting talents themselves.

Inventory slots aside, it’s also a good idea to hunt down every collectible New York City has to offer, as they offer additional details on the pandemic that struck down society in the first place. These collectibles don’t take up inventory slots, so even those who ignore the space-saving tips can hypothetically get them all done in one long playthrough.

What do you think about the simple tip, Ranters? Did you overlook the ability to attach modifications to weapons as a storage-spacing idea?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit