Reddit users confirm griefers in The Division who are preventing players from progressing by standing in doorways and blocking access to saferooms in the Dark Zone.

The highly anticipated third person shooter, The Division, has finally launched and players have started flooding the servers in order to help take back New York after the city suffered a biological outbreak. While the game stresses teamwork and cooperation among players, some users have found a way to actually hurt the experience for others.

Reddit user Hulari initially reported that some players had already found ways to ‘grief’ or ruin the experience for other people. The Division does not allow player avatars to pass through other characters, even in social zones, which allows users to effectively block areas off from other people.

Players have begun to stand in doorways blocking the path to important locations such as one of the first laptops in the game. The situation has gotten so bad that users have begun organizing a line to make sure everyone gets a chance to interact with the computer.

The Division lineup

In Hulari’s case, another user felt the need to stand in front of one of the first Dark Zone safe houses, demanding other players recite a specific password in order to gain entrance. The players eventually were able to sprint through the user enough to move him out of the way, though this came after 10 minutes of waiting. At this time, Ubisoft has not detailed a potential resolution, though some players have been reporting that if you push your character into another character long enough, you’ll eventually phase through.

So far, The Division‘s launch has been up and down for players, some of whom are struggling to stay online. Earlier this morning, PC players began seeing error codes Romeo and Sierra, which note server-based errors. Thankfully, Ubisoft quickly found the issue, reporting that a Ubisoft services outage had been the culprit in causing the error.

Since then, the login process has been fairly smooth across all platforms, though specific nVidia users have been reporting numerous issues ranging from graphical glitches, problems booting to Windows, and other visual anomalies.

The common link between players appears to be with GeForce driver version 364.47, though a fix has not yet been found. Instead, nVidia has advised players to avoid using Express Install when updating drivers, and choosing a custom option instead. In addition, the company recommends that players remove any potentially faulty drivers through Windows Safe Mode and then reverting back to a previous version.

How has your Day One Division launch been? Have you run into any of these griefers or are you a PC player who has experienced these issues? Let us know your experience with the game below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit, Imgur