Reddit user L7_w33nie offers some key advice for players of The Division looking to create a solid build that works well for solo and team oriented players.

The second free update called Conflict has recently arrived for Tom Clancy’s The Division, giving players even more things to do in the world including taking down High Value Targets, stopping the Rikers group in a new Incursion mission called Clear Sky, and some interesting new changes to how Dark Zone extractions can turn out. For many, the allure of Update 1.2 is due to the addition of four new gear sets to try and find, adding more options for players to mix and match resulting in a number of possible combinations. Creating a unique and powerful build is part of the fun in an RPG type of experience like The Division.

While many have begun to farm certain areas in the game in order to find specific parts to the new set items, others have started to make the perfect character build. For newer players or less experienced RPG players, creating a particular character build can be tough to manage and figure out. Thankfully, a user on Reddit has put together some tips for creating a solid character build which should be beneficial whether taking part in team oriented missions or surviving solo out in the Dark Zone player versus player areas.

Keep in mind, this guide is not intended to be a top tier or overpowered build, but rather something that won’t be difficult to put together for players to help them survive normal gameplay. There’s a massive amount of options in the game for players, so there will always be a number of different opinions on the subject making experimentation critically important. For players wondering how to maximize their gear or are wondering what they’re doing wrong, follow these steps:


Players who are all about quick hits and high damage should look no further than Sub-machine guns. These guns typically have the best DPS in the game thanks to high fire rates. Solo players may also want to consider a marksman rifle as a secondary weapon which comes in handy here for engaging with enemies at a longer distance. As they approach, using a High-End weapon such as the Midas makes finishing them off as they approach that much easier.

the division video examines warlord high-end assault rifle

Players running with an SMG will also want to make sure the following Talents are active as well:

  • Deadly – Increases critical hit damage.
  • Brutal – Increases headshot damage.
  • Fierce – Increased Critical Hit Chance.
  • Skilled – Headshot kills increase signature skill resources.
  • Accurate – Accuracy is increased by 20%.
  • Determined – Killing a target reduces skill cool downs.
  • Unforgiving – Missing Health segments increase Agents’ damage.
  • Competent – Increases weapon damage for 10 seconds after using a skill.
  • Responsive – Damage is increased by 5% when closer than 10m to the target.
  • Self-Preserved – Critical Hits heal the player.


In addition to the right weapons, gear can make or break a character in the world of The Division. There’s a ton of loot for players to sort through, so knowing which stats to look for can be the difference between surviving and seeing the loading screen. While there are many different options based on particular play styles, the following suggestions should help players create a solid build based around survivability.

the division may gear sets


High armor rating is always a solid idea here, especially with items that come with at least two mod slots available as well. Players will want to focus on bonus health mods along with exotic damage resistance to help protect against bleed, shock, burn, and explosive damage.


With the mask, focusing on increasing skill power is always a good idea as it effectively boosts the effectiveness of players’ various skills. For offensive skills like the turret or sticky bomb, fans will see a damage increase, while other defensive skills like the healing station or pulse will increase the bonuses given.

Knee pads

Like the chest, players should focus on knee pad items that have a high armor value. Critical hit damage is also a great mod to add here as well.


With backpacks, it’s recommended that players focus on skill power, either through bonuses on the item or by applying a mod in order to increase that stat.


Critical hit change and critical hit damage are great stats to look for on the various gloves within The Division. Modifications should focus on increasing the weapon damage for whatever weapon is currently being used, and also something that gives health back to the player after killing an enemy.


Lastly, the holster slot is another piece of gear that players can opt to look for something with a high armor value. Any mods applied here should also focus on increasing the player’s armor rating as it can be a massive boost.

Suggested Gear Combinations

Players looking for an easier method of putting together solid character builds will definitely want to take a closer look at the various set items in the game. They are all dedicated to a particular play style ranging from sniper builds, to tanks, and everything in between. While obtaining the entire set is always a solid idea, players can also mix and match them for even greater returns.

Here are some great set item combinations taken from all 8 available gear sets:

  • 3 Striker items + 2 Sentry items + High End gloves with the Savage talent, which adds a critical hit chance bonus for targets not in cover.
  • 3 Striker items + 3 Sentry items
  • 4 Striker pieces + 2 Sentry items
  • 4 Tactician + 2 Final Measure items
  • 4 Tactician + 2 Sentry set pieces
  • 4 Tactician items + High End gloves with the Savage talent + High End vest with the Reckless talent, essentially boosting the damage dealt and taken.
  • 4 Predators Mark + 2 Sentry pieces
  • 4 Predators Mark + 2 Tactician pieces of gear
  • 4 Predators Mark + 2 Final Measure items
  • 4 Sentry + 2 Hunters Faith gear pieces
  • 4 Sentry + 2 Tactician set items

Do you have any player build tips to share? What type of character build are you currently using in the game? Share some knowledge below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit