Division Players Find New 'God Mode' Game-Breaking Exploit


According to a member on Tom Clancy's The Division's official forums known as Y3kcim, the Ubisoft Massive third-person shooter currently has a game-breaking "God-Mode" exploit that allows players to take advantage of the system by becoming invincible and shooting through walls to attack other opponents. Once Y3kcim discovered the issue while playing in the Dark Zone's PvP mode, the player took to the game's forums to alert its developers about the exploit's occurrence.

At first, Y3kcim's claims seemed spurious, as none of the videos that The Division player linked to as evidence would even show up, but thankfully, the forum members known as dub marine and CJ Fresh were able to back up Y3kcim's report with recorded footage. As seen in the GIF file below, one of the user's Agent characters is being sprayed incessantly from bullet fire that goes completely through subway walls to hit other players, with the unknown assailant hidden safely in a different area of the map.

After Y3kcim's post, Ubisoft's community manager for The Division, Ubi-gabelikes, responded by saying that the development team is already aware of the exploit occurring within the game, and will be attempting to provide a fix for the problem later this week. However, some might not consider the fix to be coming soon enough, as the title's community manager said the developers are "going to try to roll out a fix during Thursday's maintenance" on March 23, which is two days from now.

While there are undoubtedly plenty of The Division players who are frustrated by this issue, as it affects their ability to enjoy the game uninhibited by cheaters, it's important to exercise patience so as to give Ubisoft Massive's developers time to pinpoint the problem and eliminate it completely. Surely the update this Thursday should squash the bug, especially since the game's developers have had so much practice dealing with "lingering issues" since the title's launch last year.

Of course, should Ubisoft Massive's team fail to eliminate the problem of the "God Mode" exploit swiftly and address those players using it with a punishment of some kind, the problem could become even more difficult to get rid of as time goes on, as more would-be Agents who are okay with exploiting the system will likely start to discover the bug and take advantage of the issue. Should that be the case, it would surely deter some fans' from taking part in the free expansions for Year 2, as they would certainly choose to avoid being on the receiving end of cheaters' gunfire.

Tom Clancy's The Division is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft Forums

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