Watch as a group of strangers in Tom Clancy’s The Division coordinate with each other to create a ‘Dark Zone Fight Club’, complete with its own set of rules.

As most Division players can attest, coordination in Ubisoft’s new looter-shooter is key. Communication between teammates is the only reliable way to survive the endgame experiences, especially the Challenging Incursion, and it ensuries that the 4 players are coordinated.

Sometimes, however, a little communication can lead to some unexpected surprises in The Division, like players walking around pretending to be Morgan Freeman, for example. Or like a more recent creation: The Division PvP fight club.

Although The Division’s Dark Zone is known for its cutthroat nature, occasionally players can come together for a common goal. Sometimes that means taking out a high level boss or helping keep each other safe during an extraction, but in this case that common goal was a little unusual.

As Reddit user DragonElite47 explains, he and a group of friends got together in The Division’s Dark Zone and convinced enough other players on the server to participate in the “fight club.” The rules were pretty simple: no signature skills, grenades, or consumables, and cover was not allowed. Outside of that it was kill or be killed.

See how things turned out in the video below:

Obviously something like a Division Fight Club is not that easy to execute for a number of reasons. First and foremost, players have to rely on each other to agree to the concept, using the game’s VOIP feature to communicate. Secondly, once the fighting starts, the Fight Club group needs to protect one another from any outsiders, making sure they don’t come in and get any cheap shots.

According to DragonElite47, most players seemed interested in the Flight Club and he says it was a lot of fun. It probably was a decent source of Dark Zone XP as well, since each of the players would go into Rogue status and then survive it as part of the fight.

As we’ve seen with RPG shooters like Division, sometimes it’s up to the players to make their own fun after a certain point. Yes, the main goal is to acquire gear, level up, and complete end game activities, but there’s always going to be an expiration date on those experiences. Eventually, it’s either time to put your character on hold until the next content drop or find clever ways to spice things up. And spice things up these gamers did.

Hopefully, Ubisoft and Massive caught wind of this and it gives them some inspiration for other potential Dark Zone activities. Maybe even something like a 1v1 option in the Dark Zone could work, letting players hunt each other mano-y-mano.

Source: Reddit