Developers for Ubisoft Massive’s wildly popular action-MMO The Division release the first official images for the forthcoming Incursion known as Falcon Lost.

A little less than week ahead of The Division putting out its April update, which is set to include Incursions — the game’s version of raid-like activities — Ubisoft Massive has decided to give fans a taste of the forthcoming content with two screenshots for Falcon Lost, the first high-level mission to be included in the mode. The studio officially revealed the images on The Division‘s Twitter account, and from the looks of it, Falcon lost will be set in a dilapidated industrial factory, replete with plenty of cover for Agents to use for hiding from incoming gunfire.

If the images found in the tweet below are indicative of the absolute final version of Falcon Lost, the sprawling space and multiple blind spots will require many Division players to communicate openly and work fluidly with their teammates to complete the task at hand, for it’s to be expected that enemies will take advantage of the environment’s assets as well. Fans can assemble their teams with the use of matchmaking, but it’s worth noting that since the Incursion offers no checkpoints, a squad must be on point, for if the whole group dies, the mission will have to be run through again from the beginning.

With the Falcon Lost Incursion being billed as one of the most challenging pieces of content to be added into The Division so far, it will be imperative for fans to also have their High-End weapons and gear at the ready for some of the toughest encounters yet. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended for Agents to have equipment ranked roughly at Level 31 just to take on the task. Furthermore, for the more confident players, there will also be a higher difficulty mode for those who have obtained the fresh gear sets included in the April update.

Here are the first screenshots of #TheDivision’s first Incursion, coming April 12. Get ready for “Falcon Lost”.— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) April 6, 2016

Of course, where there’s greater risk there will be a bigger bounty, and those Division fans who successfully complete an Incursion will be privy to a special weekly award, and they will also be able to replay it multiple times to get more good loot. However, players will only be authorized to receive the end game content‘s weekly reward after the first time they finish the Incursion each week.

Falcon Lost will be brought to The Division on April 12, and with its addition comes myriad changes, as detailed in the Update 1.1 patch notes, including the increased cost of converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items. With that in mind, fans ought to start dismantling all of the spare guns and gear they can in order to get as much out of them as possible before the update goes live next week.

What do you think about the what the area for The Division‘s Falcon Lost Incursion looks like? Would you have rather had a different setting, such as one set in a completely open air environment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division – Twitter (via GameSpot)