The Division Expansions Delayed Due to 'Lingering Issues'


Ubisoft delays The Division DLC, including the upcoming expansions Survival and Last Stand, in order to fix the "lingering issues" that persist with the base game.

First released in June, The Division’s Underground expansion features various enemy factions as they have regrouped underground and have begun to pose a threat to the player character (and all of the citizens of New York) once more. Although the Underground DLC launch was plagued with some major issues, once these were fixed, the content left many players enthused and hungry for even more paid add-ons for the Ubisoft shooter.

The game's upcoming Survival expansion was set to provide that additional content fix, with a teaser trailer hinting at an incredibly harsh and hostile environment that could put players to the ultimate test. Although Survival was initially scheduled to be released on PC and consoles this summer, that is no longer the case, as The Division’s DLC has now been delayed as a result of on-going issues with the game.

Writing on the game’s official website, The Division's team explains that although the Underground expansion and the game’s free updates have "allowed [them] to bring more gameplay variety, the overall experience has been affected by lingering issues that have accumulated since release." The team adds that "it has become clear with your feedback and our own observations that our priority should now be on improving the core gameplay experience."

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As a result, Update 1.4 will be released independently in October (it was initially slated to release alongside Survival) and will be focused "entirely on bug fixing, game balancing and other improvements." Some fixes to expect include "making loot drops more relevant to the player" as well as balancing the Dark Zone and PvP and adding "quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such as weapon skins no longer taking inventory space)."

Meanwhile, the Survival expansion has been "postponed to a later date this year." The Division’s final expansion, Last Stand will now be released in early 2017 instead of during the 2016 holiday season as was previously confirmed by The Division DLC roadmap.

Many players of The Division seem to be taking the news of the DLC delays quite well – after all, the delay is mostly based on their feedback – and have both praised the game’s development team for the decision as well as suggesting even more things that Update 1.4 can fix. A small minority, however, is voicing their frustrations saying that after The Division was infamously delayed so many times before, it’s somewhat of a double (or even triple) whammy to know that several pieces of post-release content have also been pushed back. A Special Report livestream on September 13 is set to focus on Update 1.4, though, so perhaps this will calm the situation.

The Division is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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