One GameSpot producer beats Ubisoft’s action-MMO, The Division, just a day after its official release, and he shares what the title’s end game looks like.

After launching yesterday, a lot of gamers are undoubtedly delving into all that Ubisoft’s The Division has to offer, with one fan putting in some serious effort to end up hitting the level cap in just 15 hours’ time. Naturally, those players that are still attempting to gain the maximum amount of experience and become the apex Agent may be wondering to themselves what exactly the end game looks like.

Enter GameSpot producer Erick Tay, who has now beaten The Division‘s final boss fight, has reached Level 30, and has gained access to the action-MMO’s Daily Missions. Thankfully, the outlet has provided us all with an idea of what kind of gameplay lies beyond achieving these goals by sharing a screenshot of the end game screen for Tay’s playthrough.

As seen in the image courtesy of GameSpot below, fans of The Division who make it to the end of the title will still have plenty to do. As of now, taking on Daily Missions will allow players to earn in-game currency called Phoenix Credits, which can be used to buy loot in the base of operations from the special gear vendor, and the PvP and PvE area known as the Dark Zone gives folks the chance to fight the toughest NPCs and Rogue Agents in order to procure some of the release’s best items. Plus, Ubisoft promises to add more content in the future so as to keep the game fresh for the long haul.


In the case of extremely light spoilers, Tay also went on to explain that the ending for The Division‘s story will allow developers to eventually continue the narrative once fans play through all of the plot it has to offer. For those who want to know more about what Ubisoft has planned in terms of add-ons, though, they would do well to check out the DLC release schedule for the game.

While some may be quick to point out that Tay’s finishing of The Division so soon after its release is indicative of the title not having enough base materials to sustain player interest, it’s important to note that with the third-person shooter also being an action-MMO, the room for growth in terms of content is potentially boundless. Plus, Ubisoft has said it sees the game as a franchise, and plans on building onto it for years, so The Division‘s shelf life should remain intact for quite a while.

Of course, even though there are a lot of gamers exploring The Division‘s post-pandemic Manhattan as we speak, there are also plenty of fans waiting on the final word from critics as to whether or not the game is actually any good before purchasing it. Press outlets were not given an early copy of The Division for review, so that reviewers would be able to fairly assess the title with highly populated servers. With that in mind, check back with us here at Game Rant for our analysis once we’ve spent a thorough amount of time with the title.

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot