The latest update on Tom Clancy’s The Division details the six emotes included with Ubisoft’s highly anticipated multiplayer shooter, but there is no dance emote.

No matter how gamers might want to frame Tom Clancy’s The Division, others seem to be pushing it into a very specific category. Thanks to the likes of Destiny, the MMO-shooter hybrid has become a very popular space, and The Division is now being touted as the successor to Bungie’s hugely popular release.

However, while the verdict is still out on how closely The Division resembles Destiny, or any MMO-like experience for that matter, news continues to surface suggesting there are some similarities between the two. For example, we’ve recently learned that The Division will include a set of emotes for players to interact with each other, even if they are not in the same party.

News of the emotes comes from Arrekz Gaming, a popular YouTuber known currently for his extensive Destiny videos. Now he’s finding a new home with The Division, and had the unique opportunity to play the game ahead of its closed beta this weekend.

According to Arrekz, The Division features six different emotes that offer some general interactions. They are salute, surrender, help, applaud, wave, and the jumping jack.

Obviously, these interactions are meant to mimic the basic emotes found in any MMO-like experience, but they seemingly fit well within The Division’s milieu. The altruistic nature of the Division’s methods combined with the military aesthetic fit the handful of emotes perfectly, and will surely help players acknowledge their fellow Division member’s efforts nicely.

The Division Underground

Some have already been quick to point out that the emote selection doesn’t include a dance, despite how popular MMO dancing can be. But to that point, we’d speculate that the jumping jack is to be the Division’s “version” of the dance – a goofy way for players to interact with each other that is less helpful and more playful.

Overall, it appears as if The Division is on the right track as far as building buzz is concerned. Sure, the numerous delays were deflating to folks drawn in by that initial E3 gameplay demo back in 2013, but now that the game is almost here it’s as if nothing much as changed. It may seem insignificant but we’re sure there are lots of players who are chomping at the bit just to enter the world of The Division and do a few jumping jacks.

What do you think of The Division’s emote selection? If you could add a few more, what would they be?

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Arrekz Gaming (via Gamespot)