The Division Easter Event Offers Double Rewards

division easter event announcement

The Division will be hosting an Easter event that includes double XP and double rewards for select encounters. The event will also discount select emotes, weapon skins, backpack skins, and outfits for the weekend starting April 13th.

Division's Easter Event

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First up, is an increase to rewards from named bosses – i.e. open world enemies with names, Incursion bosses, and Dark Zone bosses. From April 14th (at 10am CEST) to April 16th (at 10am CEST), any of these enemies will drop extra rewards for players.

While plenty of Division players will encounter these named bosses in their daily grind of missions and Dark Zone runs, there is a faster way to maximize those rewards by following a path through the open world. All of the open world bosses spawn on a timer of 4 hours, so players can farm them at least once a day, typically twice if they are diligent. To find each boss, check out the map below:

boss guide map

And finally, the entire event (from April 13 to April 20) will include a sale on select Division gear like weapon skins, outfits and emotes. According to Ubisoft these items will be on sale for up to 75% off, so those players that want to decorate their backpack but don't want to pay an inordinate amount of money should keep a look out.

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Whether or not the Easter Double Event will be enough to bring back lapsed players is yet to be determined, but no doubt current Division players will enjoy the extra rewards developer Massive Entertainment is offering. For a game that is as focused on the grind as Division, it’s nice to get a little extra loot every now and again.

As far as Division’s long-term growth, Massive has only offered a few scarce details about what it plans to do in Year 2. We know that features like loadouts are on the way, and that Massive plans to approach add-on content with a better understanding of what players want, but thus far the studio hasn’t offered up anything concrete.

Perhaps after this Easter Event, Massive will have a better idea as to how many players are still dedicated to The Division and then the studio can make decisions from there.

Division's Easter Event runs from April 14th to April 18th. The Spring Sale is live now until April 20th.

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