Follow this helpful guide for Tom Clancy’s The Division in order to survive the Dragon’s Nest Incursion, one of the new endgame activities in the Underground DLC expansion.

With the launch of The Division’s Underground expansion, developer Ubisoft Massive has introduced players for the next phase of its popular RPG shooter. See, while the post-release content has been meant to improve on the base game, Underground is the first paid expansion and therefore has to work to justify its existence and its price tag.

Among the new features included with the Underground expansion is a dungeon-like experience wherein players explore the aforementioned underground and seek out new loot, like the new Gear Sets. But there is also a new Incursion, called Dragon’s Nest, for Division players to test their mettle in, similarly in a quest for new weapons and gear.

However, as with any of the past Division Incursions it’s sometimes best to go into the endgame activity with a little understanding of the mechanics and the objectives. That’s where Arrekz Gaming comes in with the below video:

As Ranters can see in the video, the Dragon’s Nest Incursion is similar to the past two endgame “raids,” Clear Sky and Falcon Lost. Players will advance through a small gauntlet of enemies, completing a few objectives along the way, and eventually they will reach the final confrontation. In Dragon’s Nest’s case, that final confrontation involves a fire-spewing Fire Truck, which can only be taken out by a massive water tank.

The final “boss fight” bears a lot of similarities to the APC fight at the end of the Falcon Lost Incursion. Players must survive waves of enemies before eventually completing a specific action, in this case inching the water tank forward via two crane control buttons.

However, as Arrekz points out, this Incursion feels a lot more organized (if there is such a thing) because the Cleaner enemy faction doesn’t have the rushing shotgunner enemy type. Instead, the Cleaners’ AI tends to focus on actual tactics, making them a much more enjoyable foe. The only real devious element of the Incursion is the massive “firestorm” that rains down every now and again, so make sure to keep exotic damage resilience as high as possible or use the Support Station with the Immunizer mod.

Overall, the Dragon’s Nest Incursion is still not the massive endgame experience that some were hoping for before The Division launched, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction in terms of the enemy encounters. Where the previous Incursions had a very enemy spam type of feel to them, this latest one at least has a nice progression. And hey, players get to fight a Fire Truck, which is…unique?

The Division Underground is out now for PC and Xbox One. PS4 gamers will unlock the paid expansion at a later date.