The Division Survey Hints at Possible Battle Royale DLC

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A new Ubisoft survey for The Division indicates that the developer is considering adding a Last Man Standing or Battle Royale style game mode to the popular multiplayer game.

The Division had a lot of hype prior to its release last year but the final product ended up disappointing some gamers. Still, Ubisoft's shared open world shooter was one of our top multiplayer games of 2016, so the title does have a solid core to build upon as it moves into the future. Now, at least one future possibility for the game is known thanks to a new survey that The Division developers sent out to the player base on Monday.

Ubisoft Massive has a new survey that focuses on The Division's Survival DLC that launched late last year. After asking a number of pretty standard survey questions like how often players log on to the game, the survey hones in on what players like the most or least about the recent DLC pack before turning an eye towards future expansions.


YouTuber Arekkz has a good summary, embedded above, of the most important parts of the survey if you don't want to actually click through the entire thing. Arekkz notes that the survey asks a very specific question that seems to indicate that Ubisoft is considering a Last Man Standing or Battle Royale style mode for The Division.  As noted in the video, a Last Man Standing mode would likely feature gameplay similar to King of the Kill, the H1Z1 spin-off that gained a large following last year thanks in large part to Twitch. The Division's take would obviously be a bit different but the same concept of the match continuing until only one player remains alive would likely be the core idea.

We have to agree with Arekkz that if Ubisoft were to introduce such a mode into The Division, it would likely be exactly what the game needs to reinvigorate its player base. It's true that Ubisoft has done a good job of getting lapsed players to come back to The Division in recent months, but it's also clear that there is still a lot of work to be done on that frontKing of the Kill has consistently been one of the most watched games on Twitch since its release, so if Ubisoft can capture even a fraction of that excitement for its own game, The Division might even be able to attract some brand new players as well.

Finally, the survey also asks what players would like to see from the next major expansion to The Division. A number of options are given, and it looks like Ubisoft is considering everything from continuing the story in a brand new city to letting players explore a different period of time.

The Division is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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