One hopeful Division player uncovers first details on what looks to be a part of the game’s day 1 launch patch. Read on for details regarding what the patch will fix.

While most gamers accept the fact that beta tests for upcoming games are little more than glorified demos, that shouldn’t discount the changes the tests can influence. Sure, Tom Clancy’s The Division just recently had an open beta – less than a month before the full game released – but from that beta will presumably come dozens of useful changes.

However, while Ubisoft has yet to detail specifically what has changed between The Division’s open beta and launch, one crafty player has found new details. Thanks to a little data mining, this Division player has discovered patch notes for update 1.1, which we assume will be the day 1 patch for the game. Or at the very least, 1.1’s changes will be a part of the day 1 patch.

All told, the changes seem to be minor in nature, but likely important to keeping The Division’s experience as trouble free as possible. Some important tweaks include a fix that will prevent turrets from targeting innocent (a.k.a. non-Rogue) players in the Dark Zone, new icons for landmarks in those Dark Zones, and the addition of skill modifiers directly to gear.

Check out the full data mined list of update 1.1 changes below:

Tom Clancy’s The Division™ v1.1

Appearance Menu has received a complete overhaul:

  • Now displays as a Grid making it much easier to browse items
  • “Outfit Sets” option added to quickly equip all the items in a set
  • “Inspect” Feature added

Visual improvements:

  • Fixed several lights that did not cast global illumination
  • Fixed missing volumetric lights on Traffic Lights
  • Illuminated signs now cast actual light
  • Improved atmospheric haze in several Time and Weather combinations
  • Improved night time lighting and contrast
  • Tweaked exaggerated rimlight shader on characters
  • Improved car window reflections
  • Improved SSAO to be more pronounced

Mega Map and Open World updates:

  • New “Mission Overview” has been added to the Mega Map
  • Contaminated Zones will now display the required filter level on the Mega Map
  • Field data with Audio will automatically play when you pick them up
  • If you start listening to Field Data with audio from the menu you can keep listening outside the menu
  • Added Subtitles for all Field Data that play audio
  • Mission Entrance menu usability has been improved
  • Significantly increased number of Crafting Materials obtained from Loot Crates


  • New “Help” Menu is now available in Settings Menu – it stores all the Loading Screen and Context Sensitive Tips
  • New Tutorials added for certain gameplay features and mechanics (these can be switched off in the Options Menu)
  • Skill Modifiers have been added directly to Gear (previously only available on Gear Mods)
  • Fixed an issue on Character Select that resulted in getting stuck with specific combination of inputs
  • Fixed a progression blocking issue caused by accepting a group invite at a specific moment during the Base of Operations unlock sequence
  • Players will no longer be returned all the way back to start screen after creating or logging in to their Ubisoft Club Account
  • Fixed remaining Bugs that prevented log-in when some non-essential services were offline
  • New Icon for Landmarks in the DarkZone, Icon now changes dynamically depending on if Non-Player Enemies are present or not
  • Added information to the in-game Loot Pickup UI to show why an item can’t be picked up
  • Improved multi-GPU performance
  • Fixed issue where you could get a white screen on start-up
  • Improved performance in Windowed mode
  • The Deployable Turret no longer targets non-rogue players and doesn’t damage neutral players caught in line of fire either
  • Overall stability increased – lots of Crash fixes!
  • Further backend improvements and optimizations
  • Many Localization adjustments and bug fixes
  • Additional minor bug fixes and polish!

Admittedly, these patch notes should be taken with a grain of salt like any data mined piece of information, but the comprehensive nature of the changes does add to their legitimacy. And we’re sure that any Division beta participants likely see a change to a problem they noticed or heard about during the closed or open tests.

The Division Video Details Game's Map Size - Division map hologram

That being said, chances are there are more changes going on with The Division behind the scenes – changes that won’t be a part of a patch but will be put directly into the game. While beta feedback can’t drastically change a gameplay experience, it can still tell the developers what does and doesn’t “work” within the game. One common criticism we heard, for example, revolved around the Dark Zone’s lack of content, and how it eventually devolved into a Rogue’s paradise. That will likely change in the finished product; Ubisoft Massive has said as much.

As far as how the full, retail product stands up, it won’t be until launch day (or some time after) that The Division reviews start hitting. Much like with any online-focused game, Ubisoft has made the smart decision to hold review copies until the servers actually go live, ensuring that any critics get to experience the game as any one else would. And if there are any issues, we’re sure there will be speedy patches to squash them.

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Division Subreddit