Although some might have seen Tom Clancy’s The Division as a straight third person shooter with cover mechanics, anyone who has spent time with the game knows it is much more than that. For all intents and purposes, The Division is a RPG “looter shooter,” where players spend the majority of the end-game grinding for better gear, more experience, or one of the in-game currencies.

And as with any game that prioritizes the grind, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of the experience. Gamer’s time is very precious these days so it’s important to grind smart, not grind hard.

To that end, one Division fan has put together a helpful map that highlights every boss in the game’s Dark Zone PvP area. The Dark Zone, for those that might not know, is an area in The Division’s version of New York City where players can grind for better gear and a second form of experience, which increases their DZ rank. However, the risks of the Dark Zone are two-fold.

First, players will have to contend with enemies that are much stronger than those found roaming about the non-contaminated sections of the map. And second, there’s always the chance of running into a Rogue, other online Division players that can turn on you and steal your gear.

As far as getting that gear, the best way to grind for gear in the Dark Zone is by defeating those named bosses. There are a handful scattered throughout the map that are highlighted by the game’s landmarks (the purple sections of the map with the fist icon), but there are actually quite a few more then most players think. Some even reside underneath the ground, in the New York subway system. Hence the blue arrows (which indicate a boss on the street) and the white arrows (which indicate a boss underground).

Division Dark Zone Boss Map

It’s worth noting that the further north that players go, the more challenging the bosses will become. And once the Dark Zone has been repopulated for the end game, those top tier bosses (and their accompanying thugs) will be level 32, which is actually two ranks higher than the current level cap.

At first, the late game grind in The Division will be exciting, as players acquire new and better Superior equipment and weapons. Eventually, though, the grind will be either about obtaining gear that suits a certain play style (more Firearms versus more Electronics) or Phoenix Credits. Unfortunately, the amount of Phoenix Credits that drop for Dark Zone bosses now versus pre-patch is much lower.

When it comes to grinding Dark Zone bosses the ultimate goal is a high-end item, be it a piece of gear, a weapon, or a mod. They don’t drop that frequently, so expect to farm boss kills a lot. In fact, why not follow our Dark Zone Farming Guide for an efficient path through those boss encounters.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit