A new potentially game breaking glitch rears its head in Tom Clancy’s The Division, allowing players to quickly and easily gain a large sum of credits for minimal work.

To say it has been a rough week for Tom Clancy’s The Division would be an understatement. After the highly anticipated April Update arrived bringing loads of new content, features, and a new Incursion mission known as Falcon Lost, the game itself has come under fire from players after a number of new glitches and bugs started appearing. Unfortunately, the bug list continues to grow, as players have recently discovered a glitch that can be used to quickly gain loads of credits for very little effort.

The glitch itself is very easy to pull off, only requiring players to have kneepads with the Properous talent enabled. This gear specific talent rewards headshot kills with 120 credits, so players simply need to swap the the Prosperous kneepads between another set as shown in the video below. Doing so will cause the talent to stack and reward 120 credits per stack. The process can be repeated over and over, eventually earning players up to 100,000 credits per kill.

Gaining this much wealth that quickly certainly helps players still going through the campaign, but with the ability to purchase gear from the Advanced Weapons vendor in the Base of Operations and then breaking it down into crafting supplies, this could certainly have a negative impact on the economy.

How Ubisoft will respond to this latest glitch is certainly a topic of debate. Recently, the company has admitted that it is looking into ways to punish those players who have utilized the recent exploits to complete the Falcon Lost incursion mission. The move has triggered a firestorm of debate including one here at Game Rant, with some users siding with Ubisoft that there is an agreement in place to not exploit glitches, while others justify the behavior by saying that they were simply playing the game in the state it was released to the public, glitches and all.

Division Talents Guide

With that said, Ubisoft is planning to compensate players affected by a handful of the more severe issues that have recently cropped up. Players who fell victim to either the infamous missing character bug will be awarded 500 Phoenix Credits along with 10 pieces of each high-end crafting materials including Division Tech. In addition, any players that simply log into the game this weekend, will receive 150 Phoenix Credits as an apology for having to remove the daily and challenging missions prior to the April patch.

Have these glitches, exploits and bugs shaken your faith in the game or are you still heavily invested in the game? Sound off in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Simplified YouTube Channel