One fan of Ubisoft’s military action-MMO The Division compiles screenshots of all the unlockable items players receive after collecting everything in the game.

Over the weekend, the hilariously named Redditor “NordicIceNipples” dug in and ground his way throughout The Division‘s post-pandemic Manhattan in order to gather up each and every individual piece of Intel — that is, the title’s version of in-game collectibles — to unlock all of the jackets rewarded unto players after doing so. As it happens, NordicIceNipples was even gracious enough to post images on The Division‘s official Reddit thread for those debating whether or not they should take up the challenge.

There are six jackets in all, with each one corresponding to the individual collectible sections under survival guides, phone recordings, incident reports, crashed drones, missing agents, and ECHOs. The different coats are titled Sierra, Shoreline, Meadow, Highland, Frost, and Rose, and will be unlocked separately once each and every collectible on the map is found for its specific tier.

As seen in the gallery below, the offerings are pretty underwhelming, as each one is basically just a different color. Sierra, Frost, and Rose, for instance, are red, blue, and pink, respectively, while the rest are green hue variants. Even after putting in the work to nab all of the collectibles, NordicIceNipples explained that seeing the final results brought about feelings of being “a little disappointed” as the Redditor “thought the ‘Frost’ jacket would look sick but it’s pretty meh.”

Certain fans of The Division might agree that the reward jackets are disappointing and want a different look for their Agents. That said, they can always pony up the money for the game’s day one DLC, which contains various versions of military garb ranging from army fatigues to special ops duds. Additionally, if players want to hold off on collecting all of the Intel for the jackets seen above, Ubisoft will more than likely include even more skins and outfits with the Season Pass and future DLC expansions.

At any rate, should The Division fans ultimately decide to skip out on trekking all across the title’s open world for the collectibles, there is always plenty for them to do, even after making it to the end game. Of course, there could be some gamers out there who are still on the fence about picking up a copy of the third-person shooter, and have yet to even step into an Agent’s shoes. So if that’s the case, we’ve fortunately got you covered with our review.

What do you think about all of The Division‘s rewards after gathering all of the collectibles? Are the jackets worth the effort, or are all of they just a huge waste of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.’

The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit