While most players are only just scratching the surface of Tom Clancy’s The Division, others are already thinking about the end game. As we have reported already, it doesn’t take too long to hit The Division’s level cap of 30, especially if players are smart about how they earn XP.

But even as players grind for high-end gear, there is likely still a lot left for them to do in the game – side missions that still need completing or more of the story to flesh out.

One of the main items still on our to-do list after reaching end game status in The Division is to find all of the collectibles in the game. While there is the obvious draw of a Platinum Trophy or 1,000 Gamer Score, the collectibles are worth seeking out because they add new layers to the game’s story. Some even put new perspective on the events prior to the viral outbreak.

With this being a Ubisoft game, players should rest assured that the developers at Massive have not skimped out on the collectibles. There are LOTS of them scattered throughout post-viral outbreak New York City, tucked in every nook and cranny.

There are cell phone audio logs, ECHOs (holographic “memories” of past events), drone black boxes, survival guides, missing agent, and incident reports to find. Grand total there are over 200 collectibles in the game, which means a lot of exploring for the player.

To help with that, the clever folks on the Division wiki have put together an interactive map that shows the location of each and every collectible in the game. Click on the static image below to access the interactive version, where you can zoom in and out and find the right item.

The Division Collectible Map

For those who may not want to consult a guide for collectibles (yes, they are purists out there), there is still a way to make the task of finding them a little easier. With the Canine Unit upgrade, players will unlock a perk called ‘Intel Discovery’ that highlights every collectible in a given zone. The one caveat to that is players will need to complete every side mission within that zone first before the collectibles will appear on the map.

The Canine Unit unlocks as one of the Security Wing upgrades in exchange for 200 Security Wing supplies, but we’d recommend holding off on it until later. There are more useful upgrades in the Security Wing, like Smart Cover or the Survivor Link signature skill, so the Canine Unit can wait. Plus, most will want to go after the collectibles in one big sweep, which is a nice end game activity while waiting for the Incursions to launch.

Collectibles are ultimately a small slice of the larger picture in The Division, but at the very least they have some tangible connection to the narrative. Sure, those who simply want the Platinum Trophy will breeze from one to the next as if they are working through a checklist, while others will stop and listen/watch what each has to offer. Some even make playful nods to pop culture, like the Shaun of the Dead Easter Egg.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.