Tom Clancy’s The Division players looking for a helpful tool when customizing their build should look no further than The Division Build, a new app currently in beta.

With the launch of the April Update, Tom Clancy’s The Division brought a new look to its endgame players. Now, instead of everyone running around with a 30 next to their name, each player has a Gear Score – a calculation of every piece of gear, its quality, and its stats.

But, while maximizing one’s Gear Score can be beneficial, it isn’t always the best way to go. Some gear pieces can actually be more useful than others, depending on the stats and bonuses they offer. However, sifting through a player’s gear may not be an easy task, especially for those looking for specific stat bonuses or builds.

To that end, a group of Division superfans have put together The Division Build – a site dedicated to fine-tuning player builds. The site is in beta, but what’s available right now is promising, and is sure to help those players looking to maximize their stats.

That being said, Division players should be prepared to input a lot of numbers, as The Division Build gets into the nitty gritty. Like The Division itself, there are so many stats that go into a player’s DPS or their Health or how fast they get their skills back up. Obviously, the Firepower, Stamina, and Electronics stats play the greatest role in those numbers, but at a certain point they are less important. Things like Gear Set bonuses or Critical Hit Damage can also help boost a player’s stats.

As we mention, the Division Build site is still in beta, so it doesn’t yet have the full suite of features available. For example, the site does not yet have an option for players to input their primary or secondary weapons, which also play a role in their stats (most specifically DPS). There is a section for primary stats, but currently nothing is available.

The Division Falcon Lost

As more and more Division players dive into the new Incursion, Falcon Lost, a tool like this is likely to become more useful. With so many different Gear Sets piling up in players’ inventories, the need to fine tune will become even greater, especially when it comes to tackling the Challenging version of the Incursion.

Sure, plenty of players have completed the endgame activity, but far fewer have done so via legitimate means. And now that Ubisoft has patched out most of the major Incursion exploits, we’d bet that considerations like gear and player builds will become more important. So bookmark TDB and keep checking back as it improves.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division Build