The Division Beta Test Sign-Ups are Now Live

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Ubisoft revealed Tom Clancy’s The Division two years ago at E3 2013, and since then, people have been eager to get their hands on the open-world, RPG shooter that’s continued to make appearances at the yearly event. The game finally got a release date at this year’s E3 2015 – which is much appreciated following its rather unsurprising delay to 2016 – but even then, it’s still a ways off. Fortunately, the knowledge that a beta is coming this December was enough to keep people content until then, despite the fact that it’s coming to the Xbox One first.

Xbox One owners that pre-ordered The Division already can finally put their beta codes to use, though, as Ubisoft is now taking sign-ups for the beta through the game’s official website. Anyone that wants a beta code that’ll guarantee them access to this, or the PS4 and PC beta, should pre-order the game. People can also register for the waiting list, but, as the FAQ for the beta explains, this method doesn’t automatically mean people will get in.

Of course, for a game that has yet to prove itself to the larger audience, going the route that doesn’t involve paying money up front may be the better way to go.

There are no details regarding what players will actually experience when the beta launches later this year, but it’s likely that it will resemble the sections of the game that have been shown in the last two years – such as the New York setting, PvP, and teaming up with two other players. Check out our hands-on with the E3 demo and the Dark Zones for more insight on how things work.

Ubisoft notes that the beta will also help with the full launch of The Division, if only to deal with potential bugs early, and to avoid launch day issues that could prevent people from playing online.

As Ubisoft says in the FAQ:

“The Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is your chance to test and experience a pre-release version of the game before it launches. Plus, it serves as an important opportunity to make sure that the game is balanced and that the servers are tested to pave the way for a smooth launch.”

Seeing as how the company is putting a lot of emphasis on playing with others, being unable to do so during the week of the game’s release is probably a scenario everyone wants to prevent from happening. It’d be especially bad for this game, in particular, since it’s been pushed back more than once.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to release on March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To the surprise of no one, it will debut alongside a season pass and a couple of special editions.

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