Due to the massive number of Cleaners killed yesterday in The Division’s open beta, Ubisoft are now offering players a special ‘fire kit’ and a special new objective.

The latest open beta for The Division has only been live for a couple of days, but Ubisoft are already responding and rewarding the many hours players have put in. Due to the massive extermination of Cleaners – approximately 275 million of them – just yesterday, Ubisoft are offering up a special bonus and a unique mission to all players. After The Division open beta came back online following the maintenance period last night, players will have noticed a few extra items in their inventory.

As a reward for the mass genocide of Cleaners yesterday, Ubisoft has gifted everyone a “fire kit”, which consists of three incendiary bullets, three explosive bullets, and three frag grenades. Ubisoft has also given players a new objective in the beta: kill as many named Elite Cleaners in the Dark Zone as possible. The fire kit isn’t really anything special, but this new objective to take down some fire-loving Cleaners suddenly makes Ubisoft’s gift considerably more valuable.

With today’s emphasis on killing Cleaners, multiple Cleaner leaders have been spotted around the Dark Zone, and players can expect a much tougher fight due to numerous Cleaners now travelling in groups. There is also an additional incentive for those wanting to test out their skills, as group efforts will reward each agent involved, and the agent with the most elite Cleaner kills will receive a special reward.

the division player wins 1v3 dark zone battle

Today’s Cleaner mission, and the launch of the Subway Morgue mission just days ago, shows just how much effort Ubisoft is putting in to make The Division a standout gaming experience. Not only has the beta tests been a great gaming experience for players, but it has helped Ubisoft tweak The Division‘s gameplay features based on player feedback, as well as fix thousands of bugs that could’ve hurt the final product.

While the extensive beta tests has meant that Ubisoft are still tinkering with the final product, and some already-unveiled features such as Brooklyn has since been cut, it appears that the company is setting up the groundwork for some ambitious post-launch support. This lines up with what Ubisoft previously said about turning The Division into a big franchise, and having an ambitious content plan for at least a year after the game’s launch.

How successful The Division will ultimately be is still up in the air, but based on the staggeringly gigantic audience attracted for the beta test, there is little doubt that the game will be be a hit with gamers everywhere.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set for launch on March 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG24/7