By now players of Tom Clancy’s The Division have likely spent enough time with the game to make a decision about whether or not they enjoy it and want to play more. What may not be so clear at this point, however, is what player build and role they want to fulfill, as most of that decision making comes in Division’s end game.

While The Division is not an MMO in the traditional sense, the game still carries some of that genre’s spirit. For example, players can spec in a way that makes them a tank, they can be a healer, or they can focus on DPS.

The beauty of The Division is that each path is viable, but only if players spec in the right direction. Players will need the right skills and the right talents if they are to succeed in these pre-formed roles. Sure, they can get by in the Daily Story Mission without much pre-planning, but we don’t expect that to be true for Incursions, which are to be Division’s analogue for raids.

To better assist with player builds, one Division fan has put together an extensive breakdown of each major role and what talents they recommend for succeeding in that role. We’ve already covered the solo build (which can double as the tank) in a previous guide, so this one will focus on the healer, the rusher (DPS), and the skill build.

The Healer

For the healer, players will want the Combat Medic and Battle Buddy talents, which give them the ability to heal the group (and increase their self heal) and decrease incoming damage while reviving a teammate. This comes in handy during The Division’s Challenging missions, where revives are fairly common and it’s easy to get taken out while trying to bring a teammate back.

The Division Level Up Fast

For secondary talents (i.e. non essentials), they recommend Strike Back (reduces skill cooldown when under 20% health), Critical Save (increases damage resistance when using a medkit on low health), and Evasive Action (reduces incoming damage when moving between cover).

These talents put the focus on getting the player’s heal abilities back up as soon as possible and reducing damage any time they need to heal themselves. The tide can turn quickly, so it’s important to think about staying alive while keeping everyone else alive as well.


The DPS player or the rusher will want to focus on talents that improve their damage while performing specific actions. For that reason the Tactical Advance talent is a must, granting the player increased damage (2%) for every meter covered when moving from cover to cover. On the Move also comes in handy, as it gives players 30% damage reduction after killing a target while moving. And finally One is None, which has a chance not to consume a bullet on a headshot (good for marksman rifles).

For secondary talents, players will want to choose between Evasive Action, which reduces damage when moving between cover, and Combat Medic, which heals surrounding teammates when using a medkit.

The Skill Build

Then there is the skill build, which is focused on using the player’s unique abilities either to support the team or dole out damage. For this particular build players will want Strike Back, Chain Reaction for increased AOE damage with turrets, grenades, and sticky bombs, and Demolition Expert for the extra explosion damage after getting a kill with an explosion.

After that, Police Up is a good talent to have since it can grant ammo after a skill kill, and killing with skills is the name of the game here. However, if the player is more about staying close to the team and buffing, then Combat Medic will work as well.


Obviously these aren’t the only three builds that players can focus on – most, in fact, will probably use some variations between all three – but understanding how to maximize a role will be important come Incursion time. That is, if The Division wants to go beyond the basics of an RPG shooter and brush up against MMO flavor.

What talents do you like to run on your character build? Which talents do you think are essential?

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit