Division Update 1.2 has finally launched and with it comes a brand new Incursion, called Clear Sky. Set in Columbus Circle, the new PvE endgame experience is once again meant to offer players their greatest test yet, forcing groups of four to work in tandem to take down a helicopter turret and a final boss.

But, while the Clear Sky Incursion may only take some players 10 minutes to complete, others may need a little extra help. That’s where we come in, with this handy Division guide, breaking down how best to approach and beat the Clear Sky Incursion.

Step 1: Attacking Columbus Circle

The first phase of the Incursion is pretty straightforward. After advancing into the playable area, players will face a dead end wherein an infinite number of enemies will spawn. Fight off a few waves of these enemies and eventually one thug will come forward with a bomb bag on his back. Like in Falcon Lost, players will want to down this enemy and pick up his bag, but it’s important to choose those steps wisely.

Since this section has a never-ending wave of enemies, it’s important to make a play for the bomb bag while the enemy numbers are thin but not right before a new wave spawns. Doing so might leave one player either trapped in a group of enemies, or dead next to the bag. And chances are if a player goes down next to the bag, they won’t be revived until the end of the encounter.

After grabbing the bomb bag, the team will then want to put it on the shipping crate on the left hand side. A handy indicator will show where exactly to place the bomb, and once placed make sure to back away to a safe distance.

The Division Weapon Balance Patch

Once the first bomb has been detonated, the Division team needs to wait until another bomb carrier spawns, kill him, and then repeat the previous steps. Once the both bombs have gone off, eliminate the remaining enemies and then advance through.

Now, is when things can get a little hectic. Like in the first phase, this entire fight has never-ending waves of enemies. They will continue spawning in certain patterns so keep an eye out for the waves that include rushing shotgunners, and those with the heavies. Both of these enemy types can ruin a run very quickly, so use the pulse ability early and often.

Step 2: Disable the Helicopter

Phase two of the Incursion requires the team first disarm the weapons systems on the downed helicopter. This prevents a one-hit missile attack from flying in, not unlike the APC attacks from the first Division incursion.

Getting to the laptop to disarm the weapons is no small task, though, and will require either one risky advance or a careful push. If a player has high enough Toughness and a Security Signature Skill then they can easily pop their Skill and then run to the laptop. After that, fall back to the opposite end of the helicopter and work on enemies.

the division clear sky incursion length

After disabling the laptop, the team will then need to grab two separate fuses and carry them back to two fuse boxes. To make matters worse, grabbing the fuses and carrying them to the boxes is in full view of the helicopter’s turret and most of the enemies.

Like with the laptop, there are two ways to approach things. The team can either work one fuse at a time and cover the carrier as best as they can. Or two players can run at the fuses, pop their Security skill, and brute force it. Both options can work, but there is plenty of room for error. Also, keep in mind that it’s possible to drop the fuse and clear some enemies or heal up.

Step 3: The Final Boss

Once both fuses have been placed, it’s time for the final boss fight. This Division boss isn’t much different from the average mission boss; it’s a shield carrying heavy. From here, it’s best to put some distance between the team and the boss, and work on whittling his health down with long-range shots. Make sure to check for advancing enemies, but know that the waves won’t stop spawning unless the boss is down.

Once the boss does fall he will drop loot – likely one of the new gear set items – and then the team will need to clear the remaining enemies to get their weekly reward. And that’s the Incursion in a nutshell.

Overall, the Clear Sky Incursion has a lot more in common with a story mission than the Falcon Lost’s wave-focused approach. That being said, it will likely still give players trouble if they don’t know what to do. Hopefully this guide helps and those successful Division players come away with some sweet loot.

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Division Update 1.2 is live now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.