One The Division player finds an exploit that could prove troublesome in the wrong hands, granting players the use of their primary while the ballistic shield is active.

When it comes to an always-online game like Tom Clancy’s The Division there’s no possible way the developer and publisher could account for everything. The closed and open beta tests will help simulate server load, but even then Ubisoft wasn’t prepared, and the game’s launch was somewhat marred by login errors.

However, the server problems typically overshadow the much smaller issues – the bugs, glitches, and the exploits. But eventually those issues will need to be addressed as well, like a recently discovered glitch that turns Division players into one man wrecking crews.

First reported by YouTube user Extended Celery, this Division exploit allows players to use their Ballistic Shield ability and their primary weapon at the same time. Normally, the Ballistic Shield restricts players to their sidearm, so it’s easy to see where this might cause trouble.

Check out the video below to see how the exploit is done:

The big issue with this glitch/exploit is that it can make some of the more challenging missions in The Division a breeze. Being able to use a primary and a shield, provided players have the right build, could offer a serious advantage when taking on the Daily Story Mission, especially on the Challenging difficulty.

While Ubisoft has yet to acknowledge the exploit, chances are the developer is well aware of it by now. Whether or not they will be fixing it any time soon, however, is hard to gauge. There are likely numerous fixes on the developer’s to-do list, and something like this might not be a top priority.

Moreover, the advantages that come from using a primary and a ballistic shied are not as troublesome as those with the Midas high-end weapon. In that case, players were able to grief others in the PvP Dark Zone and have a nearly endless supply of their Signature Skill. In essence, the Midas and the right player build could make someone invincible.

Only time will tell as to what Ubisoft’s first major patch will address but there are certainly a number of issues on the docket. We would love to see the developer make some tweaks to matchmaking to better support a wider level gap, or just to give players more options when choosing teammates. It would also be nice to see the threshold for going rogue in the Dark Zone raised a bit, so a few stray bullets don’t instantly mark a player.

Outside of that, our experience thus far with The Division has been relatively smooth. The servers are more stable now and the experience is surprisingly light on lag. For more thoughts on the game, though, make sure to read our Tom Clancy’s The Division review.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Extended Celery (via VG 24/7)