When it comes to Tom Clancy’s The Division there are many considerations for players. Gear is obviously one of their primary concerns, but even things like how much ammo they can carry or what their character looks like play a role in the experience. As far as the former category is concerned, though, we have a helpful trick that should make life in The Division a little easier.

Obviously, ammo isn’t too big of a consideration in the game, because ammo crates are regularly scattered throughout each mission. But, there are some instances where ammo can be scarce, specifically in The Dark Zone and the first Incursion, Falcon Lost. In both of these Division endgame experiences having a little extra ammo can be a major lifesaver, especially for those players who like to run The Division solo.

The tip is pretty simple, and it’s a trick that is not unique to The Division. Essentially players want to take a specific item – in this case a backpack – and equip it before grabbing ammo. Then, once they do, the player should have almost double the ammo they usually carry.

The backpack in question is the Police Backpack and it can be acquired through one of two avenues. The first is by redeeming the Agent Origins code on The Division’s website – go here and put AGENTORIGINS when prompted. The second is to purchase the Season Pass, which includes the same four gear sets as the Agent Origins code.

With the backpack in two, all you need to do is resupply at any ammo box with the backpack equipped and then switch back to your backpack of choice. You should have upwards of 1100 bullets if done correctly. Check out the video below to see the “trick” in action:

It’s also worth noting that the Paramedic Backpack, another gear set item included in Agent Origins, has a similar trick where players can carry an extra two medkits around. Much like with the Police Backpack, all you need to do is resupply in the Base of Operations and you can carry around a total of 7 medkits for a little added healing power.

As we mentioned, this backpack swap isn’t necessary for most situations, but those who are tackling the Incursion should keep it in mind. Trips to the ammo crate can be dangerous depending on the difficulty level and the number of enemies around, so it’s better to keep those to a minimum. That’s why we recommend switching to the backpack before each resupply. In ideal circumstances, the extra ammo from the switch should keep players’ magazines full for almost the entire encounter.

No matter how gamers may feel about The Division at this point in time, there’s no denying the game’s initial popularity and fan base. There are still tens if not hundreds of thousands of gamers playing every day and they will continue to do so as Ubisoft and Massive release new content and keep the experience fresh through patches and updates. Which is why tricks like these are so important to be mindful of; they help make the game a little easier.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One