After a player in Tom Clancy’s The Division took down two squads of Rogue agents in a Dark Zone battle, one Rogue agent has gone 12 better by single-handedly taking down 20 agents.

Now that Tom Clancy’s The Division has been out for few weeks, players have had ample time to try their hand in at the Dark Zone, and indulge in some loot-seeking PvP carnage. After witnessing one agent take down three rogue agents during The Division‘s beta test, another agent one-upped that feat by taking on eight agents at once. While that the aforementioned 1v3 and 1v8 Dark Zone battles were undoubtedly impressive, both pale in comparison to what one Rogue agent has managed to achieve.

Channeling their inner John Rambo, one solo Rogue agent found themselves in a massive battle involving nearly 20 agents. Combining some powerful high-end weaponry with what appeared to be an optimized solo build, this one Rogue agent managed to outmaneuver and outgun 20 players across one multi-level building. What makes this performance doubly impressive is that the Rogue agent initially started the battle by taking down several agents as a sniper, and the solo player tactics only came out once more players started converging in.

For those wanting to see this one-man rampage of carnage, check it out right here.

After watching this Rogue agent take down 20 agents in an noteworthy display of skill, it’s clear this this player has done their homework on which are the best talents to use, as well as which high-end weapons are the best for Dark Zone battles. Not only did this one-man showdown prove that numbers aren’t everything in The Division, it also demonstrated not everyone needs to have a 99 rank in the Dark Zone to be a lethal agent.

Emulating that feat will be undoubtedly difficult, but it isn’t impossible. While taking on 20 agents is one way to get some gear and experience, players are better off taking the easier route and using one of the few handy Dark Zone farming paths. Once the required gear is farmed, players should definitely consider having a look at The Division Skill Calculator, and start planning out which skill set is best suited to certain play styles. And finally, for those wanting some practice before taking on a team of agents, definitely check out the guide on where to find the computer-controlled Dark Zone bosses.

One thing is for sure, if The Division will indeed feature multi-group raids, this one-man army of a Rogue agent is going to do very well indeed.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube