Today, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment officially brought about the full launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 following a nearly week-long early access period. While there’s no doubt that myriad Agents are currently exploring the ruined streets and bombed out buildings of the game’s post-pandemic Washington D.C., as is to be expected with a live service such as this, some are reporting specific issues with the gameplay. One of the more prominent problems players have reported so far is a bug making certain skills unusable.

According to a post in the official subreddit for The Division 2, the Redditor known as “TheBalance1016” has declared that whenever they activate their Drone or Shield skill in the game, it disappears from use shortly thereafter and then triggers a 15-second cooldown on the ability. Multiple users chimed in to say that the same issue has happened with them while using the two aforementioned skills, as well as others including Turrets and the Restorer Hive. Apparently, the only skills not affected by this bug in the Ubisoft game are the Pulse, Chem Launcher, and Firefly.

During our time with The Division 2 today, we were able to replicate the bug only on one occasion while using the Shield skill, with other skills working as intended. During a firefight with an enemy Hyena group, we equipped the Shield, only to have our Agent put it away shortly thereafter and trigger a 15-second cooldown timer.

Our Agent was killed during the firefight, so we re-spawned to the nearest location – the Theater Settlement – and deployed the Shield again during a second round of combat. This time, however, the Shield worked properly, sustaining as much damage as it could before becoming inactive.


Several hours after the original thread was posted, a community manager for The Division 2 responded to TheBalance1016 to state that Ubisoft is “investigating this internally”. As of now, it’s unclear as to when this bug causing certain skills to become unusable will be patched out.

There’s no doubt that this skill bug is frustrating to those The Division 2 players who have experienced it firsthand. Hopefully, though, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are able to rectify the situation sooner rather than later.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit