The Division 2 Promises Multiple Raids in Year 1

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As part of its big E3 2018 presentation for The Division 2, developer Massive Entertainment confirmed that the upcoming sequel would be adding 8-player raids. A feature that many players had hoped to see in the first game, raids (or even raid-like experiences) were sorely missing from the popular new IP. But now they are coming to The Division 2 and apparently there will be a few for players to enjoy during the game’s first year.

While speaking with Gamertag Radio, Creative Director Julian Gerighty shared a little follow-up info about The Division 2 raid reveal. He explained that raids will be challenging experiences for players and the reward(s) will help let others know that this individual has conquered something. What exactly that might be is unknown at this point, but it doesn’t sound as though Ubisoft Massive is going to lock any gear behind raids.

As far as how many raids players can expect, Gerighty says that the first one will launch within the first few weeks after the release of The Division 2 on March 15th. And from there, Ubisoft has plans to release multiple raids throughout the game’s first year. For reference, the first Incursion for Division 1, Falcon Lost, launched about a month after the game.


Incursions were assumed to be raid-like experiences prior to the launch of Falcon Lost but instead they were smaller missions with some different mechanics. They didn’t change up the player count or task players with doing much more than killing baddies, and Falcon Lost didn’t really get the concept off on a good foot.

Division 2’s raids are upping the player count to 8, which is intriguing on its own. But more than that, the fact that Gerighty called them raids and not incursions during Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference, suggests more puzzle solving and teamwork. For console players, the concept of a raid usually calls to mind Destiny’s endgame experiences, which are completely unique from what is offered in the main campaign.

Whether or not Division 2 will borrow from Destiny or create its own definition of a raid, Ubisoft will have several opportunities to impress players in the endgame. And better yet, Ubisoft plans to offer all DLC for free so players shouldn't be paying extra for more endgame.

The Division 2 releases March 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamertag Radio

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