The Division 2 Raid Release Date Revealed, New Specialization Teased

division 2 raid flying plane

The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment released a new trailer focused on the upcoming Invaded content releasing tomorrow. As most Division 2 players know by now, April 5th sees the release of the Tidal Basin stronghold, World Tier 5, new exotic gear, and the first gear sets. However, while the trailer was focused on the imminent releases, it did tease upcoming content, like the Operation Dark Hours raid release date.

The Division 2 raid release date is set for April 25th, 20 days after the launch of World Tier 5. Players now have a timeline for getting their gear score up, fine tuning their builds, and collecting any of the new gear that releases with the Invasion update.

In addition to the Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid release date, the trailer offers some brief looks at the content contained within the endgame experience. As expected, players will be contending with some tough enemies but it also appears as though they will be exploring a very active landscape. One shot shows a massive plane flying overhead, which could be a mechanic or simply a stunning visual sight.

While the Division 2 raid trailer does offer some quick glimpses, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the 8-player endgame encounter. For example, we don’t know how Division 2 raid matchmaking will work and how seamless that might be. Raids can be hit or miss with random players, but Division and Massive have always stuck to a mantra of inclusivity.

In addition to the Division 2 raid release date, the trailer also teases the upcoming fourth Specialization that will release at a later date. Full details will have to wait until an official reveal by Massive, but the Division agent appears to be holding a mini-gun. Perhaps this Specialization for Division 2 will be focused on dealing consistent damage or suppressing fire.

Since The Division 2’s release date, players have been in a holding period as they wait for the launch of World Tier 5. Without a true gear score cap and endgame content of the highest level, the focus has been on grinding gear, but mostly for perks, and blueprints. Starting Friday, though, players can truly focus on the best Division 2 builds and prepare for the Operation Dark Hours raid release.

The Division 2 Invasion Update releases April 5, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One following morning maintenance.

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