The Division 2 Raid Release Date Delayed

In an effort to put a priority on the game’s health over new content, The Division 2 will not release its new Operation Dark Hours raid later this month on April 25th. Instead, The Division 2 raid release date has been delayed until May, where it will launch around the same time as Title Update 3.

Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment made the announcement during Wednesday’s State of the Game livestream, wherein the studio covers upcoming changes to its loot-based shooter. Today’s episode focused on game balance with the launch of the Public Test Server on PC, a ton of buffs and nerfs for current gear bonus perks, and the reveal that Dark Zone gear will drop up to 515 Gear Score.

There are many changes to test out in the PTS today but more changes are on the way. Specifically, Massive has not launched the armor and health changes to enemies, which should help them feel less like bullet sponges and could potentially change how players plan their builds.

While The Division 2 raid release date delay is likely going to disappoint a large portion of those actively playing Massive’s game, the reasoning makes sense. The developers want to get the game into a place where all of its moving parts function as advertised and a variety of builds are viable. Those that are playing right now know that there are plenty of areas where the game could use work.

As far as a specific date for when The Division 2 raid will release, all Massive was willing to say at this point is May. Presumably, the focus is on giving players a chance to test out the balance changes that are coming, tailor their builds to suit those scenarios, and then launch the raid.

At this point, all Division 2 players know about the Operation Dark Hours raid is that it will support 8 players. We’ve had some brief glimpses at some scenarios including a massive plane flying overhead but they were mere teases. Still, there’s a certain expectation when Massive chooses to call these encounters raids instead of Incursions, which were the smaller, mission-like experiences in The Division 1.

The Division 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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