Division 2 Raid Guide: How to Beat Lucy and Buddy in Dark Hours

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As part of the new Division 2 raid, Operation Dark Hours, players will have to face with some tough bosses in four separate encounters, including Big Boomer, the Triple Threat, the Double Dogs (Buddy and Lucy), and The Razorback. To beat the Double Dogs encounter, players will want to coordinate in order to take both Buddy and Lucy, two powerful Warhounds, down. Players will want to know going into the encounter that Buddy is the healer and Lucy has the highest DPS.

Division 2 players will encounter Buddy and Lucy in an area with two opposing shops, with plenty of cover in and outside of the shops. In the center, players will see two laptops and a screen with a countdown timer. The bosses share an Overcharge window that changes depending on the enemies' health bars and the length of the fight. Players will need to prevent the Overcharge by using the laptops.

A solid strategy for a Division 2 group is to have 5 players focusing on Buddy, as he can heal, and 3 players on Lucy. They will quickly group up and focus on separate targets (watch the Eye icon to see who has aggro). Players will want to stay in cover and fire on their dog, but keep in mind that their HP needs to stay close enough to stay inside the Overcharge window. Coordinate attacks and focus on dealing near-equal amounts of damage.

Lucy's 360 attack is the most deadly, as she will duck down, wind up here minigun, and instantly kill any Division 2 player out of cover. Once both their HPs are below 50%, Buddy will send out Seeker mines during Lucy's mini-gun attack that will knock them out of cover. Watch this particularly nasty attack, but most importantly, do not let the Double Dogs get their Overcharge.

If their HP gets too far apart (and this window shrinks as the fight goes on), ISAC will issue a warning about their overcharge. This will mean players must run to the center and use the laptops to stop this from happening. Failure will mean that both dogs, Buddy and Lucy, will heal back to 100%, and players will have lost all their progress in the fight. Doing all of this will see Division 2 players get the win in the Dark Hours raid fight and move on to the final encounter, The Razorback.

The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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