Division 2 Raid Guide: How to Beat Boomer in Dark Hours

division 2 how to beat boomer

The Division 2's first raid, Operation Dark Hours, is live now. The first thing players will want to do is form 8-man squads, and while the looter shooter does not support matchmaking, players have created a workaround of meeting at the helicopter at the White House when looking for a group. Massive Entertainment has also announced that it is working on an in-game group feature after the community backlash but maintains it won't be as simple as matchmaking.

After players have formed squads, one of the first major encounters they will come across is Max "Boomer" Bailey. Division 2 players will meet Big Boomer in a small food court that has 2 miniguns in the front and back, and 4 electronic boxes connected to 4 computers around the area. The main thing players will want to be aware of is the ISAC warnings of defense systems.

When ISAC issues this warning, four players will need to interact with certain laptops at the same exact time to disable the defenses. The nearby TV screens will indicate which laptops need to be interacted with. Boomer has hardy immunities and can heal constantly, meaning Division 2 players will need to stay on top of these defense warnings to prevent being overwhelmed. There are also four large electronic cubes that emit a blue AoE that makes Adds immune to all damage sources; destroy these with the miniguns ASAP.

To damage Boomer, Division 2 players will want to focus on who Boomer is targetting, which is indicated by an eye underneath the group panel health bar. This player must draw Boomer into the range of one of the Miniguns, as it the only thing that can really damage him, but do not get too close. Another player will need to shoot Boomer in the back with said Minigun, forcing himself to kneel, which in turn will allow all players to finally damage him with weapons and abilities.

Boomer will then toss a jamming grenade at the Minigun that shot him, meaning players will want to rotate but also rinse and repeat. After this is done, players must pay attention to Boomer's front panel. If it is glowing green, he is regening health. Shooting it will not damage Boomer, but it will prevent further healing. Keeping an eye on this is key to the Operation Dark Hours encounter.

If the player marked by the eye is on or near a Minigun, Boomer will destroy it. If both are destroyed, the encounter will fail. Adds include Red Riflemen and Elite Grenadiers, so make sure to not be overwhelmed by them when taking Boomer down. It may take some time, given that the World's First completion of the full raid took 5 hours, but managing the side mechanics and repeating hits on Boomer will see Division 2 players clear the first major encounter.

The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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