The Division 2: How to Unlock and Join Clans


The Division 2 is a game built around cooperating with other players, whether it be in the four-player story missions or in the large eight-player raids. Considering this, players may want to join a clan in the game so that they can play with like-minded people who can help them conquer its more difficult challenges. However, the game does not make it immediately clear how players can unlock clans in The Division 2.

To unlock clans in The Division 2, players have to progress in the main story and complete the mission called ViewPoint Museum, where they recruit Grace Larson to their cause. This is the settlement mission for the Theater, and requires players to seize the ViewPoint Museum from the True Sons gang. Once this mission has been completed and Grace Larson has been successfully recruited, she will appear at the Theater. Players need to talk to Grace Larson again to unlock clans in The Division 2.

The Division 2 players can then choose to create or join clans through the pause menu. They can filter their searches using a variety of factors so that they can find a clan that's more suited to their style of play. For example, if someone is more concerned about playing The Division 2's PvP modes, like the Dark Zone, then they can join a clan focused on that style of play as opposed to one that mainly explores PvE content.


Those that don't want to join a clan in The Division 2 certainly don't have to, and luckily the game offers matchmaking options so that players can still go into missions with a full squad. Players who are playing alone or with just one or two buddies can use the game's matchmaking to find an additional recruit, which should ensure that everyone can get through the game with minimal trouble.

However, clans will be very helpful when it comes to putting together a competent squad for The Division 2's raids. The raids in The Division 2 are built for up to eight players, and there will be multiple raids released in Year 1, so players may want to look into joining a clan as soon as possible.

The Division 2 launches March 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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