The Division 2 Details Gear Score, Recalibration, and Mod Blueprint Changes

the division 2 calibration station

Massive Entertainment is ready to start talking about upcoming changes to The Division 2, though the Title Update 3 patch still doesn't have a confirmed release date. As part of Massive's weekly State of the Game livestream, the team addressed several major concerns within the community, including: loot Gear Score on drop, Recalibration stat transfers, and Gear Score 515 drop sources. Players will be able to see many of the changes on The Division 2's Public Testing Servers when it moves to "Phase 2" soon.

Perhaps the most pressing topic is Massive's views on the way Gear Score currently works when loot drops. As of right now, even players at or above 500 Gear Score will receive loot in a wide range that drops well into the 490s. Going forward, though, 500 Gear Score players will receive 500 GS High-End loot, though Purple loot will still drop at its 490 cap.

To coincide with the loot drop Gear Score changes, Recalibration is also being reworked. While Recalibration will no longer be able to raise an item's Gear Score above 500, it will allow for transferring of stats with little to no loss in the bonus. Before, transferring a 10% weapon damage stat might lower to 5% weapon damage because of the way High End bonus pools work, but now that 10% should go over untouched.

Then, regarding previously announced plans to introduce loot with Gear Score at 515 to the Dark Zone, Massive confirmed it had listened to feedback and would be offering alternative sources for 515 loot. More information on 515 loot will be announced later.

the division 2 hard wired set

Massive Entertainment had more to share regarding upcoming changes to The Division 2 like:

  • Crafted Hardwire Gear Set items will start at 490 GS.
  • AUX Battery Skill Mods will be added to improve Skill Mods for players with low Skill Power.
  • Daily projects and new weekly projects will reward blueprints.
  • Blue and Purple mod blueprints will be sold by a new vendor.

Massive's scope for improvement to The Division 2 is clearly quite broad. Since loot and Gear Score optimization is the heart of endgame, all changes are focused on improving that experience but new content is also on the way. The Division 2's first raid was recently delayed and still has no announced release date, but should be released alongside Title Update 3 along with all of today's announced changes.

The Division 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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