Endgame content was an area where The Division 1 struggled at launch, though thanks to post-launch updates and DLC, things slowly improved over time. Using that experience, it looks as though Massive Entertainment really wants to focus on getting that aspect right on day one for The Division 2.

With only a few weeks left until launch, Ubisoft and Massive have begun to really highlight the many activities, missions, and other things available to the endgame. Alongside a new trailer, Ubisoft has also released an infographic that features all end game activities including the first raid.

During last year’s E3, Ubisoft made a point to highlight 8-player raids in The Division 2, though information on these high-end missions has been scarce. Thanks to the infographic, players now know that the first raid is actually called Operation Dark Hours. The image also shows off what appears to be an airport with a massive red plane, the air traffic control tower burning in the background, and airport equipment scattered about. Players may also have gotten a very brief look at it in yesterday’s trailer, which quickly showed a sign for a place called Washington National Airport.

Outside of raid information, the image also shows off some of the other endgame elements that have previously been detailed, including character specializations, five different world tiers, new strongholds, high-end gear and weapons, plus the Black Tusk faction. The Division 2 beta players got a taste of the Black Tusk in what the game calls Invaded Missions. These endgame missions are a sort of remixed version with the Black Tusk paramilitary group serving as the enemies and proving players with a much greater challenge as they come armed to the teeth with tech and gear.

The Division 2 End Game roadmap

While not specifically listed, developers are also likely hoping that players take to the new Conflict PvP modes, something which was introduced into the first game months after launch through a paid DLC expansion. This time around, the modes will be available at launch to everyone, as well as the newly redesigned Dark Zones which bring over the PvPvE elements from the first game.

Now separated into three different zones in D.C. instead of one large one, the Dark Zone features updated looting mechanics, better player balancing, and new Rogue mechanics. The Division 2‘s Dark Zones also brings about the idea of occupied zones, which brings new rules and better rewards.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is scheduled to launch on March 15, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division 2 – Twitter