The Division 2 Exotics List: How to Get Exotics

division 2 exotics list

Much of The Division 2 is about acquiring better gear and weapons to prepare oneself for endgame content, like the eight-player raids. When it comes to weapons, players will definitely want to go out of their way to collect the exotics, as they stand as some of the rarest and most powerful in the game. However, getting some of the exotics in The Division 2 will be easier said than done.

More exotics will likely be added to The Division 2 as Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft work to add more content to the popular looter-shooter. And it's also possible that there are more exotics already hidden in war-torn Washington, D.C., and we'll update this list if any are discovered.

1. Kendra's Liberty (Pistol)

At the end of the Capitol Building Stronghold, players will encounter an enemy named Kendra who drops the Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism item upon being killed. They then need to complete the American History Museum, Viewpoint Museum, and Space Administration HQ missions (in that order) to collect the Pistol: Receiver & Sight, Pistol: Sight & Rail, Pistol: Grip & Tags, and Kendra's Liberty Blueprints, respectively. They will be dropped by Captain Briggs (American History Museum), Staff Sergeant Carl Wade (Viewpoint Museum), and Master Sergeant Steve "Junior" Quiroz (Space Administration HQ).

Once players have completed those steps, they need to find the necessary crafting materials to create Kendra's Liberty. Here are the materials needed for crafting:

  • 15 Carbon Fiber
  • 19 Polycarbonate
  • 45 Receiver Components
  • D50 High End Pistol

With all the materials collected, The Division 2 players should then be able to craft Kendra's Liberty.

2. Lullaby (Shotgun)

The Lullaby shotgun is an exotic weapon in The Division 2 that can only be unlocked as a pre-order bonus. So unfortunately, those who picked up The Division 2 at launch will miss out on the Lullaby, but those who do have it should know that it's possible to upgrade the Lullaby to make it a more viable weapon in the endgame.

3. Merciless (Rifle)

There's some debate about how to collect the Merciless exotic in The Division 2, but the general consensus seems to be that it comes as a randomized drop. Players are encouraged to complete daily VIP missions and redo story missions on higher difficulties to increase their odds of getting the Merciless exotic rifle. The two missions that The Division 2 players seem to have the most luck with are the Bank Headquarters and Jefferson Trade Center.

4. Ruthless (Rifle)

division 2 exotics list

The Ruthless exotic weapon in The Division 2 is yet another one that players can only get as a pre-order bonus. Since only those who pre-ordered will get the Ruthless and Lullaby, they will be the only ones capable of having a complete collection of exotics in The Division 2, but it's possible that the weapons will be made available to everyone at a later date.

5. The Chatterbox (SMG)

To get the Chatterbox SMG, players first need to acquire Hyena Keys to open chests found in specific missions. The parts needed to build the Chatterbox will sometimes appear in these chests, though if they don't, players will have to wait 24 real world hours for them to respawn so they can try again.

  • SMG Loaded Canister (Grand Washington Hotel) - There are two places to look during this mission. The first is right after the objective to go to the roof. Instead of continuing to the main objective, take the path through the destroyed portion of wall to find a bathroom with the chest inside. The second location is right before climbing onto the roof; instead of heading forward to the mission objective, turn around to find the chest.
  • SMG: Creative Magazine (Jefferson Trade Center) - While in the car park, players will be instructed to go through a fire exit to continue the mission. Instead of doing that, go up the ramp to the right of the fire exit for the chest.
  • SMG: Modified Mods (Judiciary Square) - The room with the chest is located behind the mounted turret in the car park.
  • The Lost Chatterbox: Blueprint (Bank Headquarters) - In the room with the big map, examine the wall near the desk on the western side. There is a hidden panel here that players can open to get the RFID Keycard. After acquiring the RFID Keycard, players can continue the mission until they gain access to the vault door. There is a golden door in this area that can be opened with the RFID Keycard, and inside that room is the chest.

Once players have collected all the necessary components, they can craft the Chatterbox exotic SMG.

6. Sweet Dreams (Shotgun)

Anyone burnt out by collecting all the items needed to craft the Chatterbox or Kendra's Liberty in The Division 2 will be relieved to know that getting the Sweet Dreams shotgun is comparatively simple, though still quite challenging. To get the Sweet Dreams shotgun, players have to complete the Roosevelt Island Stronghold on Challenge difficulty.

The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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